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Find Your Healthy Place Madison Highlights — Fit Fresh Cuisine

Today we are going to keep our restaurant series rolling. As always, we looked to answer the same list of questions that will help you find your healthy place when looking for local restaurants.  Here is what we are reviewing:

  • The food
  • The knowledge of the staff regarding different diets or preferences
  • The overall experience

Without further ado, let’s review our third restaurant — Fit Fresh Cuisine!  

Fit Fresh Cuisine, Madison & Fitchburg, WI

A few weeks ago, Becki (co-owner of The Healthy Place – Apple Wellness) and I were able to enjoy lunch at Fit Fresh Cuisine, a small restaurant and kitchen located in the Princeton Club on Watts Rd.  Fit Fresh has two locations in both Fitchburg and Madison – both are located in the Princeton Club.

Fit Fresh Cuisine focuses on creating meals and healthy options for people who are athletes, those who are looking to lose weight, and those who are just interested in eating healthy food that has been made using local ingredients.  

The owner, Sarah Mattison Berndt, is a graduate of UW-Madison and Boston University and has degrees in Zoology, Dietetics, and Nutritional Science.  She is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer. Sarah and her husband owned a health club for ten years where they worked with professional athletes. They sold that business to create Fit Fresh, a place where they could combine Sarah’s passions for both food and fitness into one business.

What’s on the Menu?

We were impressed by the variety in the menu. I am gluten-free and Becki eats mostly vegan, so we were happy to find that there were delicious options for both of us. The variety of choices allows you to easily customize your meal based on your own fitness and nutritional needs. The menu also did a nice job of labeling the options so that we didn’t have to do a lot of guesswork trying to figure out what we could have.

During the week, they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.  On the weekends, they close at 2:00. Their menu includes items like breakfast paninis, frittatas, salads, poke bowl, acai bowls and smoothies.  

The smoothies even have powerhouse add-ins like adaptogens, flax, and chia seeds, which are excellent for boosting energy, stress, focus, and detoxification.  

Dig Into Fit Fresh Food

Do they offer a variety of healthy options?  (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan)
Yes, but they can’t guarantee that their menu items are 100% free of gluten, dairy, etc. They have a shared kitchen, so those with severe allergies should use caution. For those who are only gluten-sensitive or have vegan and vegetarian preferences, they have great options! They offer tofu, vegan plant proteins and a handful of gluten-free options.

Do they use seasonal, local foods when possible?
Yes! This was the aspect of Fit Fresh that impressed me the most. After speaking with Sarah, the owner, she informed us that 70-75% of their produce is local and organic and that ALL of their meat is local and pasture-raised.  Additionally, all of their dressings, soups, sauces and baked goods are made from scratch!

Do they accommodate food sensitivities and allergies?
Somewhat. At their dine-in locations, they do offer options for people with food sensitivities and preferences to make modifications upon request. They are not able to accommodate such requests, however, for their meal plans and cleanse options.  

Do they have separate menus?
No, but the gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options are labeled in their menus.  

Do they have separate kitchens/ food preparing spaces?
No, Fit Fresh does not have separate spaces for preparing their food.  Everything is prepared in a shared kitchen.

Are the servers/staff knowledgeable?
While we didn’t interact much with the rest of the staff, Sarah (the owner) was very helpful and able to answer all of our questions!

What is the atmosphere like?
We loved the look of their space. Everything was very tidy, clean and presentable. It was cozy, yet offered a lot of nice spaces to enjoy a meal. When I took my girls in for smoothies, they loved the hanging benches!  

Is the food delicious?
Yes! We enjoyed our meals. I got the cobb salad and Becki ordered a tofu poke bowl. Both of our dishes were full of color and were very tasty.  We also enjoyed the different fruit-infused waters that were available!

What Else does Fit Fresh Offer?

Fit Fresh Cuisine is not just a dine-in restaurant.  They offer meal plans, gluten-free, real food cleanses, and catering.  They also offer corporate wellness options that include power lunches, group cleanses, and educational nutritional classes.

For customers that participate in the meal plan options, they have numerous locations for pickup. They also deliver.

Do you have a business that might benefit from a class or meal plan option? To learn more about Fit Fresh and the many options they offer, check out their website.  

Final Thoughts On Fit Fresh Cuisine

Overall, we would highly recommend checking out Fit Fresh if you are conscientious about your health and the food you’re putting into your body. The only downside, in my opinion, is that they don’t have separate cooking spaces and don’t offer quite as many options for people with food allergies and sensitivities as some other restaurants in the area.

What I do love about Fit Fresh, however, is that they offer great options and the majority of their food is local and organic. In my experience, it is rare to find restaurants that prioritize that. I really appreciate the effort, time and investment it takes to ensure that you are serving high-quality food.  

We highly recommend checking out one of the Fit Fresh locations soon, even if you just stop by to grab a smoothie!  You won’t be disappointed!

Fit Fresh Locations

Princeton Club – Madison West
8066 Watts Road 
(608) 841-2233

Princeton Club – Fitchburg
2920 Hardrock Road
(608) 441-7000

The Healthy Place – Apple Wellness
6313 McKee Road Suite 100
Fitchburg, WI 53719

The Healthy Place – Apple Wellness
550 Junction Road
Madison, WI 53717

The Healthy Place – Apple Wellness
2824 Prairie Lakes Drive Suite 108
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

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