Heartburn & Acid Reflux Immediate Relief

Enjoy each meal and beat the burn with our acid reflux immediate relief supplements!

Whether it’s occasional or every day, you want to avoid the uncomfortable burning sensation that acid reflux and heartburn cause. That’s why we carry the best natural acid reflux relief supplements — so you can feel your best, no matter the meal!

Although heartburn doesn’t actually have anything to do with your heart, it produces a burning sensation in that area. Instead, this sensation is due to gastric acid flowing from your stomach into your esophagus after eating a spicy or highly acidic meal. This is when you may experience some common acid reflux symptoms such as burning in your chest, nausea, difficulty swallowing, bad breath, or hot burps. 

While anyone can have a run-in with acid reflux, daily discomfort may signal a more serious cause known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). This affects around 20% of Americans, and if you experience acid reflux multiple times a week, you may be dealing with GERD, too. 

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Fortunately, our acid reflux immediate relief supplements assist your digestive function so you can continue to eat the foods you love without the pain! Plus, these powerful supplements provide relief and overall GI support. Ready to enjoy your meals and avoid indigestion? Check out our list of the best supplements for acid reflux!

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Here's What We Recommend

Pure Encapsulations Heartburn Essentials

Stop acid reflux before it happens with this essential heartburn relief!

Digestive health can be difficult to manage. With Pure Encapsulations Heartburn Essentials, it doesn’t have to be! This heartburn-alleviating supplement is designed to be taken before each meal to protect against the painful effects of acid indigestion. 

What your stomach needs is extra support to break down food and strengthen your digestive function. This supplement comes in handy when you want to prevent acid reflux and promote your overall GI health! Its nutrient-rich formula supports healthy inflammation levels and regular bowel movements. Plus, it assists in the repair of your stomach lining. 

Why Pure Encapsulations Heartburn Essentials is great for acid reflux immediate relief: Worried your next meal will put up a fight? Prevent the pain with this soothing natural heartburn treatment.

Terry Naturally Heartburn Rescue

Rescue your GI function with this powerful, natural remedy for heartburn!

Quick relief for acid reflux often acts as more of a patch than a fix. Terry Naturally Heartburn Rescue, on the other hand, is the latter! It’s one of the best natural remedies for acid reflux that provides fast relief and daily digestive support. 

D-limonene, sea buckthorn oil, and a variety of vitamins make up this soothing supplement. Together, these nutrients help neutralize unruly acid, relieve intestinal discomfort, and protect against ulcers!

Why Terry Naturally Heartburn Rescue is great for acid reflux immediate relief: This is the perfect supplement to take when you experience occasional acid reflux flare-ups and for daily protection against indigestion.

Country Life Acid Rescue

Painful acid indigestion that won’t go away? Fast-acting — and deliciously-flavored — tablets to the rescue!

When you need heartburn relief fast, count on Country Life’s Acid Rescue! These acid-neutralizing tablets are exactly what you need on hand when acid reflux gets the best of you. 

Calcium carbonate is a powerful nutrient that relieves acid reflux. It works quickly to neutralize gastric acid so you don’t have to experience the pain of heartburn any longer. Plus, these tablets are talc-free, which is a common ingredient in conventional antacids that can result in harmful long-term side effects. 

Not to mention, these tablets come in two delicious flavors, mint and berry, so you can soothe your pain and cleanse your palate!

Why Country Life Acid Rescue is great for acid reflux immediate relief: These tablets work best as quick relief for occasional heartburn. Keep them close when you feel the onset of acid indigestion!

Whether you need quick relief or everyday support, we offer the best supplements for acid reflux!

There is a large variety of foods that can trigger heartburn and acid reflux. While you can cut these out of your diet, you might still experience acid indigestion. We want you to enjoy your meals without the pain of digestive disorders, so we offer acid reflux immediate relief supplements!

If you want to avoid heartburn and acid reflux at all costs, here are a few tips for prevention!

  • Opt for smaller portions of meals and chew each bite more thoroughly to eat slower.
  • Make note of foods that trigger your acid reflux and avoid them when possible.
  • Eat at least two hours before bedtime and sleep with your head slightly elevated to prevent gastric acid backflow.
  • Take daily digestive-support supplements to soothe acidity and strengthen your intestinal and stomach lining!

If you’re looking for the best natural acid reflux relief for your lifestyle, let’s chat! Our LiveChat feature will connect you with one of our certified Wellness Consultants. They’re experts in providing personalized recommendations so you can continue living your healthiest life!