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Kid’s Immune Health

Protect your little bug against seasonal bugs — try our immune support for kids!

Your child’s health is one of your greatest concerns. If you could, you’d probably bundle them in bubble wrap before sending them off to school each day. We know the feeling! But when it comes to their immune health, bubble wrap can’t protect them from circulating viruses and illnesses — that’s the job of their immune system! 

What you can do is support their immune system with the nutrients they need to fight off the germs, viruses, and bacteria they encounter every single day. Even when they do catch a bug, their strong immunity can shorten the duration and reduce the severity of the illness. That means less time in bed and more time enjoying their childhood!

And we’ve made things simple! We’ve compiled a list of the best vitamins for kids immune system health to make it easy for you to support your kids’ immunity. Tasty gummies, powerful essential oils, syrups, and tinctures — we offer a variety of immune support for kids that you’ll trust and they’ll love!

Lively Vitamin Co. Elderberry Burst

Delicious gummies with a mighty burst of elderberry’s immune-boosting power!

If your child had to choose their favorite kids immune supplement on this list, we’re certain it’d be this one! Lively Vitamin Co.’s Elderberry Burst Gummies are the yummiest way to strengthen your kids’ immune systems.

Elderberry has been used since ancient times, boosting immunity all over the globe. Hippocrates himself enjoyed an elderberry gummy here and there! (Well, kind of!) This amazing herbal nutrient is utilized for its immune-building properties because it provides strong antioxidant effects and encourages the body’s natural inflammatory response.

Plus, Elderberry Burst Gummies contain more than just elderberry — it also includes the best immune vitamins for kids! Vitamin C, echinacea, propolis, and natural raspberry flavoring come together to make these the best immune gummies on the market.

Why we love this immune booster for kids: If you’re looking for strong immunity in a supplement your child won’t complain about, you’ve found your winner! (And don’t worry parents — we won’t tell your little one that you enjoy their yummy gummies, too!)

Kids' Immune Boost Bundle

Black elderberry syrup, colloidal silver, and an immune-boosting essential oil to ensure your child’s immune health is at its strongest.

Why choose just one when you can choose three? Whether your little one just caught a seasonal bug or you want to give them extra-powerful daily support, this Immune Boost Bundle provides the best immune support for kids! It contains:

  • Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry Syrup for strong antioxidant protection against viral infections.*
  • Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol Drops for a safe and effective way to speed up recovery and boost immunity.*
  • Plant Therapy Immune Boom KidSafe Essential Oil for a soothing aroma and clean, deodorized room.*

Why we love this immune booster for kids: Each of these three very different immune builders are powerful on their own, but when combined, they can protect your child’s health from all angles!

Plant Therapy Immune Boom KidSafe Essential Oil

Strengthen your child’s immunity with this immune-building blend of essential oils!

Did you know that immune support for kids can be as easy as taking a deep breath of refreshing essential oil? Say hello to Plant Therapy’s Immune Boom KidSafe Essential Oil! It blends together aromatic, infection-fighting oils to clean the air and keep germs at bay.

Essential oils are the perfect and somewhat sneaky way to build their immunity with a refreshing scent! (After all, it’s not always easy to convince your child to take their daily supplements.) Add a few drops of this kid-safe essential oil into their diffuser to disperse the immune-building particles throughout the home for clean air and strong immunity. It’s so simple, your kids won’t even realize they’re getting a big dose of immune-supporting power!

Why we love this immune booster for kids: Immune Boom is perfect for kids aged 2-10! It helps the air stay free of airborne pathogens and it supports healthy lungs during sickness.

Keep your little one protected from germs, viruses, and bacteria with our immune support for kids!

Germs, viruses, and bacteria are always around us — especially our kids! While we can’t protect our children from everything, we can build their immune strength with the best vitamins for kids immune system health

And remember — the best immune booster for kids is a healthy lifestyle! Supplement it with these everyday methods:

  • Help them practice good hygiene.
  • Feed them healthy, wholesome meals.
  • Encourage exercise and daily time outside.
  • Ensure that they get 9-12 hours of sleep each night.
  • Remember to give them daily supplements!

Wondering which of these supplements will help build your child’s strongest immunity? We have answers! Click the LiveChat feature to start a conversation with one of our certified Wellness Consultants. We’re happy to help you provide your loved ones with the powerful support they need for a healthy life!