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Local Highlights of Madison WI

Madison Highlights: Lioness Fitness and Kim Kruger

Have you heard of Lioness Fitness? It’s a new women’s gym that recently opened in Fitchburg, offering small group strength training for women, and especially, for women in their childbearing years.

Hi! I’m Kim Kruger, the owner!

Maybe you’re wondering: with all the gyms and boutique fitness centers already out there, why open another one?

Here’s Why We Started Lioness Fitness…

Our team feels very strongly that women – especially women having babies and raising young kids – are being massively underserved by the current fitness paradigm.

For years, we’ve been watching high-intensity, booty-kicking programs prey on women at their most vulnerable: when they’ve just had a baby, or they’re struggling to squeeze fitness into their lives in the throes of early motherhood.

“Get in here and lose that baby weight! Burn a kajillion calories in just 30 minutes! Look great in a bikini next summer! NO EXCUSES!”


We’ve been watching women – women who are desperate to get “back on track,” to feel like themselves again, to find some control in their out-of-control lives – beat themselves up in workouts that seem literally designed to do just that: beat people up. Make them suffer, make them sweat, and leave them exhausted.

We’ve watched women throw their tired bodies onto the floor doing burpees (an unnecessarily advanced move that 99% of the population doesn’t need), force their abs (weakened during pregnancy and never properly rehabilitated) into crunch after crunch, and pee their pants while putting their overly stressed pelvic floors through jumping jacks and jump squats and box jumps and all sorts of inappropriately high impact drama.    

Then, we see them bond over how horrific it all was. And drag themselves out of bed the next day to suffer some more. 

Eventually, we see them either get injured, or quit, or both.

(No wonder so many women HATE working out!)

We Offer Programs Designed for Women (and especially mothers).

Lioness Fitness started because we were dying to show women that there’s a better way to do fitness. This is especially true when you’re in those years of pregnancy and postpartum and young kids, of sleep-compromised nights and unpredictable nutrition. 

There is a more thoughtful, strategic approach, that leans on actual science and biology to teach the body how to move the way it was designed to move and to build strength on top of that foundation of healthy, safe movement.

The result is:

  • BETTER results through workouts that feel EASIER (you heard me)
  • Fewer injuries
  • Improved posture and movement patterns for reduced or eliminated aches and pains in daily life
  • More energy (you should feel MORE energetic, not less, after workouts)
  • Balanced hormones (lower stress workouts = less overall stress = happier hormones)
  • Easier weight management (balanced hormones = fewer cravings = better nutrition habits)
  • Improved stick-with-it-ness (less suffering = easier to continue something)

If this sounds like something you could use in your life, come in and see us.

We’d love to help you take the best care of yourself, so you can go home and take the best care of your family.


Kim Krueger

Owner, Lioness Fitness

P.S. Want to learn more about how we recommend approaching fitness as a mom? You can grab a free copy of our Strength Training Quick Start Guide on our website, right here.

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