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Natural Teething Relief For Infants

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My youngest son is just turned three, and his two-year-old molars have finally come through! It feels odd to be officially done with the teething cycle. But of course, it took me almost six cumulative years of teething kiddos to finally feel like I finally developed a solid game plan for dealing with those teething woes – just in time move on to the next stage of life for our little family.

As I reflect on our teething years, I realize that I would definitely go back and do things differently with our first child. Namely, skip the Tylenol altogether. But since I can’t rewind time, instead I’ll pass along to you the wisdom I learned along the way.

Don’t Choose Tylenol — Choose Natural Teething Remedies Instead

Before I begin, I’ll briefly explain why giving your teething baby an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever is not the best option. Unfortunately, it is the most commonly recommended remedy for teething babies.

Tylenol is a neurotoxic endocrine disrupter, and babies (especially) have a hard time clearing it out of their system. Tylenol contains thickening agents, artificial dyes, propylene glycol (a common ingredient in antifreeze), endocrine disruptors, chemical flavorings, and many other hazardous substances.

Tylenol is also the number one cause of acute liver failure in children.

I suggest doing some further research into this area. I find it likely that you will be convinced that Tylenol is NOT a good option for pain relief with children (or, quite honestly, for any of us).

3 Natural Teething Remedies For Infants

The good news is there are great alternatives to Tylenol that are not harmful and will actually benefit your baby! Here’s my lineup for a happier teething experience — for both baby and mom!

Calcium Supplement

Calcium was common amidst the lineup of natural teething remedies in the past, and the Amish community still practices it without question. In fact, I gained this little tidbit of advice from an Amish mother I met at a vegetable stand. When I mentioned that my little guy was teething and pretty grumpy, she just looked confused and asked,

“Don’t you give him liquid calcium?”

When I questioned her further she explained that calcium makes teething a breeze and the teeth just “pop up like daisies”!

Of course, I went home and purchased some liquid calcium right away (because ‘pretty grumpy’ was an understatement) and I did see a noticeable difference in teething discomfort. Sometimes a little tooth would poke through without me even realizing it was coming, and my babies were much less fussy about the whole process.

Calcium is a mineral that occurs naturally in the body and it is absolutely essential for healthy, growing bones and teeth. Upon further research, I learned that giving a calcium supplement helps with the absorption of calcium in the body and eases teething pains by providing the body with exactly the nutrients it needs. A calcium supplement quickens the process and relieves strain on the body.


Chamomile has natural anti-inflammatory and calming properties. It also has nervine properties and is incredibly supportive to the nervous system. It is well known as a relaxing herb, but is also an amazing pain reliever! Chamomile can work miracles in teething babies – I’ve seen it firsthand. So, what’s the best way to get chamomile into a grumpy, teething babe?

Camilia Natural Homeopathic Remedy by Boiron was my number one go-to for natural teething relief. It’s easy to administer and the effects are pretty remarkable. For my babies, it was incredibly calming!

Another great way to administer chamomile to teething babies is by making chamomile popsicles! Here’s what you’ll need:

Chamomile Popsicles

  • 1 quart chamomile tea
  • ½ cup fruit juice – organic apple juice works great!


Make your tea.

Stir tea and juice together.

Pour into popsicle molds and freeze for several hours.

Not only do you get the amazing power of chamomile, you also have the added benefit of something cold to suck on, which provides further relief by naturally numbing the gums!

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is known for many things – including its calming effect. Diffusing a few drops of lavender before nap or bedtime really helped my babes settle down and relax.

Another way to use lavender essential oil would be to mix up a roller bottle to a 1% dilution and then gently massage your babies feet. Here is a great recipe for making a roller blend of chamomile and lavender.

Self-Care for Mama

Teething takes a toll on the entire household, especially the mama who is run ragged by a fussy baby. Take some time for yourself – whatever way works for you. I loved my husband for suggesting a hot bath and uninterrupted silence! (Just make sure you turn on the vent fan so you won’t hear the chaos outside…)  

But maybe you’d prefer a solo trip to the store. Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to take help when it is offered and ask for help when you need it!

And there you have it! My little lineup of natural teething remedies has really saved my sanity over the years, and by the time my youngest was teething I had a much better handle on it, thanks to these great natural remedies.

Let’s find your healthy place!

The Healthy Place Team

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