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Can’t find an essential oil to fit your needs? Try an essential oil blend instead! Single oils are created from one pure ingredient and we love those — but honestly, we think blends are where it’s at! Our premium essential oil blends combine carefully selected individual essential oils for a synergistic aromatherapy option that is more powerful and effective than a single oil on its own. These therapeutic grade oil blends help you to target specific health issues more effectively, such as:

  • Sleep*
  • Stress*
  • Seasonal allergies*
  • Bug bites or skin irritations
  • Occasional anxiety or depression*
  • Occasional headaches* 
  • Immune support*
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What are essential oil blends so beneficial?

  • They are concentrated! Plants, flowers, bark, roots, and leaves are distilled into a concentrated oil. Combine a few aromatherapy oils together to create a powerful, synergistic, and exceptionally fragrant blend.
  • They target specific health concerns. Essential oil blends use the synergy of their various properties to better target health concerns, such as anxiety, occasional headaches, or skin irritation.* 
  • Essential oil blends save you time and money. Rather than purchase a handful of separate essential oils to create your own blend, our exceptional essential oils blends do all the work for you.
  • They work for the whole family! Did you know that we carry a special line of KidSafe Essential Oil Blends? Now your entire family can take advantage of the power of essential oils!

Single oils have plenty of benefits, but a blend combines the many properties of each oil to create a soothing, stimulating, energizing, or immune-boosting aromatherapy option that delivers more! 

  • Sleep: Did you know that a blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver will calm a racing mind and soothe stress?*
  • Immune defense: We know that cold weather sniffles are easily passed around. Prep you and your family for the cold-weather season with an immune-boosting essential oil blend!*
  • Anxiety: When you start to feel stressed, relieve the tension with a calming essential oil blend for anxiety or depression.*
  • Headache: Keep those pesky occasional headaches away with a vitalizing blend that stimulates your mind and relaxes tense muscles.*
  • Skin irritations: Red, itchy, scaly skin can be soothed with more than just lotions. Try one of our skin-friendly blends for healthier skin!*
  • Allergies: Breathe easier with a dose of our essential oil blend for allergies!*
  • Bug bites: Stop the scratch with all-natural ingredients like a blend of citronella, eucalyptus, and tea tree!

How do you use an essential oil blend? Just like a single essential oil! Place in your favorite diffuser to inhale the aroma and transform your space! Try Nighty Night to destress and transition to bedtime. Or stop your sneezes with Sneezy Stop! You can also combine your essential oil blend with your desired carrier oil for a relaxing topical application.

With so many options for excellent aromatherapy tools, it can be hard to make a decision, but our team is ready and willing to help! Drop us a line in our LiveChat!