Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Do you experience abdominal cramps, gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea on a weekly basis — and then feel better after a bowel movement? Have you searched the web for “things that help IBS?” If so, you may benefit from an IBS supplement!

All of the options here on this page will relieve IBS pain, but they also provide additional benefits for your entire digestive tract:

  • Fiber: One of the best supplements for IBS is fiber!* That’s because it softens your stool, which makes it easier to pass. Good thing our nutrition store has fiber in every shape: gummy, powder, and capsules!
  • Enzymes: Struggling with IBS after you eat something specific, like dairy or gluten? We sell a variety of enzymes that help your body break down those tough foods more easily, so you can avoid uncomfortable IBS symptoms!*
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics: What helps IBS? A healthy gut. How can you get one of those? With a daily prebiotic or probiotic supplement!
  • All-natural IBS supplements: Prefer a vegan, organic, or plant-based supplement for IBS? We sell those too!
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What is IBS? Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a digestive disorder characterized by multiple gastrointestinal symptoms such as discomfort and inconsistent bowel movements. The exact cause of IBS is unknown, but it’s possible that your digestive tract isn’t effectively pushing food through it, or there is miscommunication between your digestive tract and your brain. 

What are the symptoms of IBS? The top symptom that is always present is digestive discomfort. You may also experience additional symptoms like gas, bloating, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, loose stools, or constipation — none of which are pleasant! However, these symptoms usually disappear after a bowel movement.

Do I have IBS? Irritable Bowel Syndrome is more than just the occasional bout of diarrhea or digestive discomfort. If you experience “flare ups” of IBS symptoms around once per week for at least three months, then you may have IBS.* 

What is causing my IBS? Unfortunately, there are various triggers behind IBS. However, the most common include stress, a change in diet (especially to one that is low in fiber), a shift in gut bacteria, food intolerances/allergies, or medications.

Which foods help IBS? A well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats may relieve some of your IBS symptoms. Dairy products rich in natural probiotics, such as raw milk or kefir, are good choices as well. Also, avoid processed foods! 

Are there supplements for IBS? But what if you need more assistance? Try one of our IBS supplements! Our nutrition store offers a variety of supplements to help IBS symptoms:

  • Digestive enzymes for IBS. The best digestive enzymes for IBS lessen your uncomfortable symptoms while also supporting optimal digestion and maximum absorption of nutrients.*
  • Prebiotic fiber supplements. Did you know that having enough fiber actually helps you stay regular? Prebiotics like fiber also help form your stool so they are easier to pass.* One of the best fiber supplements for IBS is psyllium husk!
  • Probiotics. Can probiotics help IBS? Absolutely! Rediscover what healthy digestion feels like when you take a daily probiotic! It reduces IBS symptoms and supports healthy gut bacteria so your GI tract can get back on track!*
  • CBD Oil for IBS. CBD oils are another gentle yet effective option to soothe the discomfort of an IBS flare-up!*
  • Plant-based supplements. Herbs like coriander and peppermint have been used for centuries as relief for digestive woes. We sell IBS supplements that are organic, plant-based, and vegan too!

When IBS strikes, you need a bathroom ASAP — and you need an IBS supplement ASAP too! Our knowledgeable team is here to help. Thanks to our LiveChat option, we can have a discreet conversation. Send us a message and we’ll share our recommendations so you can start to feel like yourself again!