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It’s time to make it through the entire day without getting fatigued. Vitamin B12 (also known as the “energy vitamin”) transforms your food into fuel, so your body can be rejuvenated and refreshed for whatever comes your way!*

Our health food store sells all types of B12 supplements, so you can find the one that best suits your health goals. We screen all of our supplements to make sure we’re offering top-quality B12 supplements that are the easiest to absorb and deliver the best results. And, of course, they come in a variety of forms to make sure you can get what you like best. 

  • Best B12 supplement for vegans. Did you know that vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal products? That’s why vegans are often deficient in this essential vitamin. But don’t worry, you can find a vegetarian B12 supplement in our nutrition store! 
  • Natural B12 supplement. We believe that natural ingredients nourish our bodies better than synthetic ones, which is why our shelves are stocked with natural vitamin B12 supplements that are both bioavailable and optimally sourced!
  • B12 liquid supplement. Struggle to swallow pills or in search of vitamin B12 for kids? We sell vitamin B12 in the form of liquids, gummies, or lozenges so everyone can take them!
  • Organic B12 supplement. Our shop includes options sourced from all organic ingredients. Just look for the icon that indicates it’s USDA organic certified.
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Feeling physically tired, mentally sluggish, and stuck in a lull? The best vitamin B12 supplement supplies your body with the energy you need to tackle your day! That’s because this essential vitamin works in every single cell of your body to transform food into fuel. However, our bodies can’t create vitamin B12 so we must absorb it from food or supplements — which is hard to do!  

So what happens if you don’t have enough vitamin B12? A vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to fatigue, memory loss, mood swings, muscle tension, and brain fog. In fact, a B12 deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies! Ensure your body is getting the right amount of the “energy vitamin” with a vitamin B12 supplement.

Vitamin B12 supplement benefits:

  • Energy. Vitamin B12 encourages higher energy levels by converting your food into fuel and helping your body produce red blood cells.* 
  • Brain. A natural B12 supplement supports your brain and nerve functions, protects against memory loss, and prevents age-related brain issues.*
  • Mood. Serotonin plays a significant role in mood regulation, and vitamin B12 assists in the production of serotonin.* If you have occasional depression, a vitamin B12 supplement may help!*
  • Heart. The best vitamin B12 supplements promote heart health by blocking harmful enzymes which may contribute to heart disease.*
  • Bones. Did you know that this essential vitamin even plays a role in skeletal health? Vitamin B12 helps maintain healthy mineral levels for ideal bone density.*
  • Pregnancy. Growing fetuses require adequate amounts of vitamin B12 for healthy brain and spinal growth and development.*

The “energy vitamin” is sure to give you the boost you’re looking for! But do you need even more energy support? Browse our collection of energy supplements or get a customized recommendation from our Wellness Consultants through our LiveChat option.