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Constipation is common among kids. In fact, one in ten children experiences it! Anything from diet changes and dehydration to inactivity and stress can be at the root of your child’s tummy troubles. Our dynamic digestive supplements offer natural constipation relief for kids! 

If your child is having a bowel movement less than two or three times a week, they might be constipated. This frustrating yet common experience can cause your child to feel stomach aches and a lot of discomfort while pooping. Help your child through their digestive discomfort with the top supplements for constipation relief. They are loaded with benefits!

  • Help relieve pain and discomfort due to constipation*
  • Encourage regular bowel movements*
  • Reduce frequency of constipation*
  • Promote healthy digestive function*
  • Support natural inflammatory response*
  • Promote bacterial balance in the gut*
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If your little one experiences painful, irregular, or infrequent bowel movements, they could be dealing with a bout of constipation. But don’t worry! Constipation is common in children, and you can support their digestive health with our natural constipation relief for kids!

Not sure where your child’s constipation is stemming from? Well, it could be due to a variety of factors:

  • Their diet may not consist of enough fiber.
  • They just made an impactful change to what they eat each day.
  • Stress could be weakening their digestive health.
  • Even physical inactivity can increase hard stool buildup in their rectum. 

Digestive health is key to your child’s wellbeing. Help them avoid constipation as well as other health concerns by encouraging better digestive health. This begins with healthy lifestyle choices and the right nutrients! 

Natural constipation relief for kids:

  • Encourage regular exercise: Physical activity is one of the best natural laxatives for kids! It stimulates intestinal muscles to contract and allow for movement through the digestive system. Exercise also helps relieve stress that can exacerbate digestive issues like constipation! 
  • Stay hydrated: When kids are constipated, their stool can become hard and dry. Keep your child drinking lots of fluids to prompt more movement through the intestines with less pain and discomfort. 
  • Eat fiber-rich foods: Fiber is known for its bowel-boosting benefits! It helps soften and bulk up stool to encourage easier pooping. Your child can enjoy high-fiber foods like apples, bananas, berries, oatmeal, and whole grains. Additionally, we carry helpful fiber supplements for constipation!
  • Pump up the probiotics: Balance the good and bad bacteria in your child’s gut microbiome with powerful probiotics. They help soothe tummy discomfort and support a smooth digestive process, allowing for less worry and painless pooping!

With enough exercise, a well-rounded diet, and the right supplements, your child can be free of the discomfort that constipation causes! Natural constipation relief for kids starts in the gut, so support it with our kid’s digestion supplements!

Looking for the best supplements for constipation relief? LiveChat with one of our certified Wellness Consultants! They can point you in the right direction to the perfect supplement for your child.