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When your child experiences ear pain, you typically know — they’re fussy, agitated, or just plain miserable. Not to mention that they pull and tug on their little ears. These symptoms don’t always mean they have an ear infection, though. In fact, ear discomfort can be the result of congestion, respiratory infections, and more. Our ear health supplements for kids target those unwanted ear troubles to help your child feel happy and comfortable! 

Whether you’re looking for relief from ongoing ear problems or searching for natural remedies for ear discomfort, our supplements can help! Protect against and treat your child’s ear issues with our powerful natural remedies for ear pain.*

Benefits of ear health supplements for kids: 

  • Soothe ear discomfort*
  • Lessen the severity of ear infections*
  • Reduce the frequency of ear problems*
  • Help clear ear congestion*
  • Support immune system function*
  • Ease your child’s discomfort and promote relaxation*
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Kid's Ear Health from the Blog

Ear infections are common — so common that five out of six children will experience an ear infection by the age of three! But not all ear pain is the result of an infection. Congestion, respiratory illness, wax build up, injury, inflammation, and more can be behind your child’s ear aches. Provide soothing relief to your child’s ears — as well as their whole bodies — with the powerful support of our ear health supplements for kids! 

There’s no question that ear aches are uncomfortable. And as a kid, that pain can be scary, confusing, and difficult to explain to Mom and Dad. If you notice your child tugging on their ears, acting out, or even having a difficult time balancing, there’s a chance they could be dealing with ear issues. It can seem like there’s nothing you can do to comfort your child, and we want to help you avoid that fear and frustration. That’s why we have supplements that encourage prevention of and provide treatment for your child’s ear aches, pains, and infections.* 

  • Relieve ear pain and discomfort*
  • Help treat and protect against ear infections*
  • Clear congestion and build up in ears*
  • Reduce ear infection frequency*
  • Encourage better relaxation and sleep*
  • Calm fussiness and agitation caused by ear pain*
  • Boost immune and respiratory health*

Don’t let ear discomfort get in the way of your child’s happiness and comfort! Our natural remedies for ear congestion consist of topical oils and chewable tablets, both of which support your child’s ear health from the outside in and the inside out! Looking for more supplements that encourage your child’s best health yet, like vitamin D or omegas? Check out the rest of our kid’s health supplements

Want to learn more about supporting your child’s ear health? Our certified Wellness Consultants would love to help. Check in by hitting the LiveChat button in the lower right corner of your screen. 

Note: Always consult your pediatrician for suspected cases of ear infection!