Kid's Multivitamins

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to feed our kids a plate full of the nutrients they need each day. Kid’s multivitamins make things a lot simpler! They make sure that your kids have everything they need to stay healthy by filling in their diet’s nutritional gaps. 

Liquids, powders, chewable tablets, and gummies make up our wide selection of multivitamins for kids. Even your pickiest eater will be happy with one of our tasty options! Why buy a multivitamin for kids? Because of the superior health benefits for their growing bodies!

  • Fills in nutritional gaps in their diet*
  • Encourages a balanced mood*
  • Promotes healthy skin and eye development*
  • Boosts bone and muscle strength*
  • Helps enhance natural energy levels*
  • Supports immune system health*
  • Helps maintain healthy growth and development*
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Are you worried that your child isn’t eating a well-balanced diet? Maybe you just want to ensure their little body is fueled properly. Multivitamins for kids can help make childhood nutrition more manageable! They fill in nutritional gaps and encourage their healthiest growth and development. Worry less about your child missing out on essential nutrients and focus more on how quickly they’re growing! 

Every single day your child needs loads of nourishment to supplement their fast growth. While it’s not always easy to fill their plate with the nutrients they need, multivitamins provide the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for childhood development. Our selection of multivitamins for kids offers a variety of different products — whether you’re looking for a simple once-per-day multi, a yummy gummy, or a spoonful of nutrition, we have plenty to choose from! 

Health-boosting nutrients in our multivitamins for kids:

  • Vitamin A encourages healthy growth and development, aids skin and eye health, and boosts strong immune function.*
  • B Vitamins promote your child’s natural energy levels, and help maintain a healthy metabolism and circulatory function.*
  • Vitamin C provides mighty immune support to protect against infection and encourages a quick healing process.* Tip: The best multivitamins for kids include vitamin C!
  • Vitamin D supports your child’s healthy brain development, encourages mood balance, and helps build strong bones.*
  • Vitamin E helps enhance children’s immunity in addition to reinforcing healthy skin, eyes, and inflammatory function.*
  • Magnesium encourages muscle health and helps provide soothing relief to aches and growing pains.*
  • Calcium boosts bone, teeth, muscle, and nerve function for your child’s healthy growth and development.*

Supplement your child’s health with a nutritious multivitamin to keep them feeling great and growing strong! Wondering if there are more supplements to support your child’s development? Try a kids multivitamin with iron, aid tummy troubles with a probiotic, or foster better sleep with kid-safe essential oils. Check out the rest of our kid’s health supplements for more inspiration. 

Want to learn more about the best multivitamins for kids? Our certified Wellness Consultants are happy to help — all you have to do is hit the LiveChat feature to start a conversation!