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Do you have a hard time finding simple-to-take supplements for kids that are packed with essential nutrients? We know, we know. It’s not always easy to convince our children to take their daily supplements. In fact, on some days, it might feel impossible to get your kid to eat anything that’s good for them. 

But taking vitamins? That’s kind of our specialty — and we have solved the picky-eater problem for you! Our children’s chewable multivitamins are kid-approved, delicious, easy to take, and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. We carry yummy gummies and tasty tablets to ensure your children are getting everything they need for ideal growth and development. These multivitamins are loaded with benefits!

  • Encourage healthy growth and development*
  • Fortify immune system function*
  • Help maintain mood balance*
  • Support digestive tract health*
  • Fill diet’s nutritional gaps*
  • Promote optimal health and wellness*
  • Available in many different flavors and forms!
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Does your child dread swallowing their daily lineup of capsules, softgels, and tablets? If so, we have the perfect solution — add a children’s chewable multivitamin to the mix! It’s a delicious and simple way to ensure optimal nutrition. 

Little ones, big kids, and teenagers alike can benefit from and enjoy our many multivitamins! We carry chewable tablets and gummies that are easy to take and taste great. Not to mention, they are loaded with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need for everyday nutrition. 

  • Vitamin A bolsters immune, skin, and eye health, and promotes ideal growth and development of your child!*
  • B Vitamins help your child maintain healthy metabolism and circulatory function, and regulate natural energy levels.*
  • Vitamin C is a powerful immune-boosting nutrient that should be in every children’s chewable multivitamin! It helps keep your child protected from seasonal sniffles year-round.*
  • Vitamin D is essential to cognitive health as it encourages brain development and maintains mood balance. Not to mention, it’s a strong bone builder!*
  • Vitamin E fortifies immunity and boosts the integrity of skin and eye health.*
  • Calcium promotes bone, teeth, muscle, and nerve function for your child’s growth and development.*
  • Magnesium keeps muscles healthy and strong and helps relieve aches and growing pains.*

Additionally, our children’s chewable multivitamins come in a variety of flavors and forms. All naturally flavored, our chewable tablets and gummies can taste like anything from berries to pink lemonade! Want to try a different form? Check out the rest of our kid’s multivitamins for capsules, tablets, and liquid supplements!

Want to find the perfect children’s chewable multivitamin? We can help! Our certified Wellness Consultants can offer personalized advice on the best products for you and your child. Just hit the LiveChat feature in the lower right corner of your screen!