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Balance your hormones, boost sexual performance, and improve your outlook. Men’s hormonal health is about more than just testosterone. Whether you’re facing erectile dysfunction, low testosterone levels, or inhibited libido, we have all-natural remedies that may help! Our men’s hormonal health supplements help balance hormone levels, increase sexual function, and improve emotional wellbeing.

  • Balance and regulate all hormone levels*
  • Boost libido*
  • Enhance sexual function, stamina, and performance*
  • Promote more energy*
  • Improve your mood and emotional wellbeing*
  • Increase in athletic abilities, strength, and stamina*

Don’t know where to start? Try pregnenolone. It helps balance hormone levels. Hoping to invigorate your sex life? Red Ginseng is an herbal remedy that encourages male sexual performance. Think stress is hindering your health? Serotonin can help your body better manage stress and heightens libido too!

Browse our men’s hormonal health supplements, or contact us via LiveChat so we can find the best supplement for you!

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When you think about men’s hormones, testosterone is probably the first one to pop in your mind! But our nutrition store sells more than just testosterone. We have a variety of hormonal balance supplements for men!*


Pregnenolone, also called “the mother hormone,” is a naturally occurring steroid hormone that your body requires in order to make more than 150 other hormones — including testosterone.* In particular, taking a pregnenolone supplement increases your levels of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), the hormone directly responsible for producing testosterone. 

However, men’s hormonal health is related to more than just testosterone. When all of your hormones are balanced, your body is better able to regulate metabolism, body fat, brain functioning, energy levels, immunity, and libido. That’s why pregnenolone is one of the best male supplements to balance hormones!*


Did you know that men produce less testosterone on their own as they age? That kind of male hormone imbalance can lead to a slew of other factors, such as fatigue, moodiness, weak muscles, poor sexual health, or depression.*

Instead of harsh steroids or synthetic ingredients, support your body with natural testosterone supplements to balance hormones.* As a result, your may notice:

  • More energy*
  • Improved mood and emotional wellbeing*
  • Increase in athletic abilities, strength, and stamina*
  • Enhanced sexual function and performance*

Want even more of a boost? Some of our testosterone supplements also include HGH.or a blend of herbal remedies like Green Tea Leaf Extract, Norway Spruce, Ashwagandha Root Extract, and Ginseng.

Red Ginseng

A list of supplements for men’s hormones isn’t complete without Red Ginseng. This botanical supplement is best known for its natural ability to:

  • Boost libido*
  • Lengthen sexual stamina*
  • Heighten sexual performance*
  • Invigorate your sex life* 

Has your hormonal health dented your sex life with erectile dysfunction? Red Ginseng is an herbal remedy to naturally encourage men’s sexual performance.*


Stress and poor sleep impact your whole body, including your hormonal health! Help your body to better manage stress and sleep with a serotonin supplement from our nutrition store! The additional benefits include:

  • Increased sex drive*
  • More positive mood*
  • Better overall health* 

Bonus: many of our serotonin supplements are synergistically blended with vitamin C, D, and other holistic vitamins and nutrients!*

It can be uncomfortable to talk about men’s hormonal health, which is why we have a private LiveChat option. Send us your questions or concerns and we will help find the best supplement for you!