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Having trouble urinating? Is it difficult to control the flow of urine? Feel occasional discomfort or pressure from an enlarged prostate gland? Struggling to balance your hormones? Finding it difficult to perform sexually? You might be struggling with poor prostate health. 

The symptoms of poor prostate health are unpleasant, to say the least. They can range from inconvenient to agonizing. Thankfully, there are natural ways you can support your prostate gland. You can reduce current symptoms and help to prevent issues from arising. Our natural remedies for prostate health support a healthy prostate size and optimal bladder function!* 

Each of our supplements contains natural blends of herbs for prostate health, such as saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and nettle extract. These ingredients are the powerhouses that deliver ultra-impressive benefits: 

  • Support healthy prostate size and function*
  • Improve bladder health and strength*
  • Encourages easier urination*
  • Helps maintain reproductive function*
  • Supports male hormone production*
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Ready to say goodbye to your uncomfortable prostate symptoms or overcome your inconvenient bladder issues? Our prostate health supplements can provide your body with the prostate and bladder support that it needs!* 

The prostate gland ensures that your sperm survive and thrive. But as men age, their prostate gland enlarges and begins to press on the bladder. You know what that means: the frequent urge to urinate or difficulty controlling the flow of urine. 

Our nutrition store sells natural remedies for prostate health like the nutrients and herbs below. Want even more assistance? We also sell synergistic blends that help your prostate and bladder function at maximum capacity!* 

  • Saw palmetto: The nutrients of a saw palmetto tree are super beneficial for prostate support! This natural prostate health supplement aids in proper prostate functioning, improves urinary flow, and regulates male sex hormones.*
  • Nettle extract: Do you experience difficulty urinating or urinating too frequently? Nettle extract is one of the best prostate health supplements to alleviate bladder troubles! It encourages healthy prostate size and helps to keep the urinary tract free of obstruction or pressure.*
  • Pumpkin seed: You may only eat pumpkin during Autumn, but when it comes to prostate health, it should be a year-round choice! This powerful seed is loaded with vitamins for prostate health. Vitamin E and zinc, which naturally occur in pumpkin seeds, support a healthy prostate and soothe overactive bladders.*
  • Pomegranate seed oil: Did you know that fatty acids and antioxidants are an essential part of a prostate-friendly diet? Pomegranate seed oil supplies both! The benefits include fighting oxidative stress (which can damage the prostate) and maintaining a healthy prostate gland size.*
  • Vitamin D3: The “sunshine vitamin” is one of the best natural remedies for prostate health! It helps to keep your hormones balanced.*

Unsure which product to try first? Our knowledgeable team is ready to offer a recommendation. Simply send us a message in our LiveChat and we will help find the best prostate health supplement for you!