Imagine you just had a long, exhausting day at work — not too hard to envision, huh? You come home and slather on a soothing all-natural face mask, then sit back and let the aroma fill your nose as your skin grows deeply nourished and all your worries quietly slip away…what a dream!

With our natural face masks, you can make that dream a reality! We carry a variety of masks for all types of skin types. From exfoliating clay masks to deeply hydrating herbal masks, we want your “me-time” to be all the time. 

  • Provide deep nourishment and hydration*
  • Minimize breakouts and blemishes*
  • Reduce the appearance of spots and scars*
  • Promote a bright and clear complexion*
  • Calm redness and irritation*
  • Help slow signs of aging*
  • Balance skin’s natural oil production*
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Refresh and renew your skin with an all-natural hydrating face mask! When you need an extra dose of hydration, a soothing scent, or gentle exfoliation, our natural face masks are the best solution! They’re made from nourishing natural ingredients that help your skin stay soft and supple. 

Toxins and buildup gather deep within our pores, resulting in skin issues like irritation, acne, and even premature aging. Our natural face masks consist of clay, herbs, and nutrient-rich ingredients that help draw out that buildup for a clean, fresh face. 

What ingredients will you find in the best natural face masks?

  • Shea butter is a natural conditioning nutrient that fills your skin with vitamins and antioxidants that repair and recover your skin from dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.*
  • Honey moisturizes, nourishes, and hydrates dry skin without causing excess oil or clogging pores, making it a top choice for a natural face mask for acne!*
  • Lavender doesn’t just calm you with its aroma, it also soothes your skin! Lavender helps relieve redness, irritation, and inflammation.*
  • Clay is a common ingredient in natural face masks as it absorbs oil, draws out impurities, and leaves behind a fresh, tightened face.*
  • Cranberry seed oil is the perfect addition to natural face tightening masks because it encourages circulation and helps firm facial skin.*
  • Kale contains vitamins that detoxify your top layer and encourage healthy skin cells.*
  • Matcha green tea is rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from the elements while also providing deep nourishment.*

So — are you ready to unwind with a mask that soothes your skin and your soul? Browse through our vast selection of the best natural face masks. If you’re interested in nourishing your skin with more natural products, check out the rest of our natural facial care products!

Looking for the best natural face mask for dry skin? We’ve got this! No matter your skin type, our certified Wellness Consultants can help you find the mask perfect for you. Click the LiveChat feature to start a conversation!