Did you know that conventional anti-perspirant deodorants can exacerbate bad body odors and skin irritation? That’s because these options actually clog your pores with harmful ingredients, like aluminum! Synthetic fragrances and other questionable ingredients such as parabens, triclosan, phthalates, propylene glycol make most deodorant options unsafe choices for both your body and the environment. 

That’s why we carry only the best natural deodorant! It encourages healthy sweating that doesn’t stink and it keeps armpit irritation at bay. These options assist your body’s natural sweat function while helping your body get rid of built-up toxins. Our top rated natural deodorant products detoxify your system and provide a subtle scent to keep you feeling fresh! 

Benefits of using all natural deodorant:

  • Helps eliminate bad odors*
  • Absorbs moisture without blocking sweat*
  • Provides odor long-lasting protection*
  • Soothes and softens irritated underarm skin*
  • Perfect for sensitive and irritated underarms*
  • Keeps you feeling and smelling fresh*
  • Rich in skin-boosting nutrients!*
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Worried your sweat is causing you to stink? Technically, it’s not your sweat’s fault! The skin on our armpits — as well as groin, belly button, and soles of our feet — contains a higher concentration of bacteria than most places on the body. When we sweat, it mixes with the bacteria and can result in body odor. 

Antiperspirants work by plugging our pores to block the sweat and keep you dry. Unfortunately, this does more harm than good. Sweating is great for your health! We sweat to eliminate waste and remove toxins from our bodies. The best natural deodorant bars assist this function while neutralizing odors! When you choose products that are filled with soothing and aromatic natural ingredients, you promote health from the outside in. 

Check out our selection of the best natural deodorant for healthy armpits and less stink!

  • Raw shea butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Baking soda
  • Organic corn starch
  • Vitamin E
  • And more!

Looking to make the switch to the best natural deodorant? Be prepared for the transitional stink! When you stop using aluminum-containing deodorants, your armpits go through a natural detox to unclog pores and cleanse your body of harmful ingredients. This will cause you to stink for a few days, but the outcome is worth it! Switch to an all natural deodorant — your pits will thank you!

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