CBD for Sleep

If a busy mind is keeping you from getting the sleep you need, try CBD! Not only does CBD soothe stressful thoughts, but it also helps relax your mind and body so you can ease into a long and restful sleep.

Our collection of CBD for sleep consists of gummies, capsules, and oils that target busy minds and restless nights. Additionally, we carry CBD products that combine other helpful nutrients like melatonin, GABA, and even CBN to really bring on the deep sleep that can help you wake up feeling brighter!

How can CBD help you sleep?

  • Helps ease muscle tension and encourage relaxation*
  • Promotes a sense of calmness for the mind and body*
  • Helps alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety*
  • Encourages a regular circadian rhythm*
  • Supports healthy inflammatory levels*
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If you often deal with disruptions and restlessness when you go to sleep, CBD could be right for you! While CBD is best-known for easing pain and relieving anxiety, it also promotes deep and restful sleep. It can gently help you fall asleep more easily and encourages healthy REM cycles.

But CBD supports healthy sleep patterns in even more ways! It encourages healthy inflammatory levels throughout the body, helping ease discomfort and pain that you could be feeling in the middle of the night. It also helps reduce ‘busy-brain’ and symptoms of anxiety that cloud your mind when you’re trying to get some shut-eye. Not to mention, CBD is especially beneficial in promoting an overall sense of calmness and relaxation over both your mind and body to help ease you into the long and deep sleep you’re in need of. 

And we’ve got many different forms of CBD for sleep for you to enjoy! We carry gummies, capsules, and oils so you can choose what works best in your bedtime routine. The best part? We carry CBD that is pure, hemp-derived, and free of THC so you can trust what you’re putting in your system. 

Additionally, some CBD products are blended with other sleep-encouraging nutrients to really bring on the heavy eyelids when you need them. These nutrients include melatonin, GABA, and even CBN. If you’re new to CBN, it’s similar to CBD and it targets sleep directly and has a powerful effect on your ability to sleep. (It’s our team’s favorite sleep support supplement, by far!)

Make sleep your strong suit with the help of CBD! Sleep supplements encourage a regular circadian rhythm as well as deep, restful sleep so you no longer have to worry about disruptions and restlessness keeping you up all night.