Halfway through your workout but too fatigued to continue? Your system could be depleted of the essential nutrients that keep you moving — electrolytes. 

Your body needs hydration and nourishment to make it through those intense bouts of physical activity. Electrolyte supplements could be just the solution to help you avoid the burnout that ends your workouts! We carry the best electrolyte supplement products consisting of powders, tablets, and capsules. Take them before, during, or after your workouts to keep your body feeling replenished. 

Electrolyte supplement benefits

  • Improve athletic performance* 
  • Protect against nutrient depletion*
  • Encourage protein synthesis for strong and healthy muscles*
  • Support circulation and heart health*
  • Promote optimal nerve and muscle function*
  • Protect against fluid retention*
  • Preserve healthy pH levels*
  • Aid immune function*
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Every workout doesn’t have to be accompanied by fatigue and muscle cramps. In fact, we’d argue that this should be the exception to the rule! With electrolyte supplements, you can help your body avoid the pain and tiredness that comes with tough workouts. These easy-to-take nutritional supplements quickly replenish your body with the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids you need to repair muscle tissue, balance blood sugar, and much more!

Did you know that hard work and sweating deplete your body of essential nutrients? If you want to stay hydrated and energized, electrolyte supplements could be your ticket. This is because electrolytes are needed for healthy muscle function, fluid levels, cardiovascular health, and protein synthesis. 

What’s more, electrolytes don’t just help with workouts! If you’re looking to boost your overall health, electrolyte supplements are a top choice for anyone who is struggling with a cold, dealing with chronic stress, or routinely feels worn-out and run down. Our electrolyte supplements truly are for everyone — including your kids!

We carry a wide variety of electrolyte products for you to choose from: tablets, powders, and capsules. Find what works best for you before you hit the gym, head to work, or begin your day. Each product is packed with dynamic ingredients that will keep you moving all day long.

  • Calcium provides powerful support to your nerves, bones, muscles, and your heart.*
  • Magnesium helps boost energy production and works together with calcium to support muscle health.*
  • Potassium keeps you feeling hydrated and encourages a steady heart rate.*
  • Sodium helps protect against muscle cramps and regulates muscle contraction.*
  • Chloride supports healthy cellular function and helps maintain fluid levels throughout the body.*
  • Zinc supports immune function and metabolism.*

Electrolyte supplements help you stay hydrated and nourished with the nutrients you need to make it through your sweat-busting days. Want even more support for your athletic lifestyle? Check out the rest of our sports and fitness supplements!

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