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Searching for a hard-to-find vitamin or mineral? We sell more than just A-B-C letter vitamins and popular minerals like calcium and magnesium. After all, our complex bodies require the entire spectrum of nutrients to support our health and wellness. Browse our store to find the supplements that you’re looking for — like one of these!

  • Boron stimulates the metabolism of vitamins and minerals.*
  • Chromium provides assistance for blood sugar and insulin functions.*
  • Copper boosts iron levels and red blood cell creation.*
  • Electrolytes supply energy and replenish lost minerals.*
  • Manganese is ideal for brain and bone health.*
  • Selenium delivers thyroid support and antioxidant protection.*
  • Silica aids hair, skin, nails, and bones.*
  • Strontium encourages bone growth and strength.*
  • Trace minerals replenish minerals that your body may be missing.*

And more! Can’t find the vitamin or mineral that you’re looking for? Send us a message in our LiveChat!

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Searching for a specific supplement that’s hard to find? We make it simple! Our nutrition store sells the whole spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals supplements, including some of the less common nutrients. In this category, you’ll find those trace essential minerals and vitamins that don’t top the searches but are still vital for health. So, if you didn’t find what you were looking for elsewhere, this is the place to be!

We can all agree that our body loves letter vitamins (think A-B-C!) and minerals like iron or zinc. But sometimes your body craves more, like chromium for insulin support or silica for strong bones. Look no further — we have it all!

  • Boron. The best boron supplement balances hormone production and helps your body metabolize essential vitamins and minerals, like vitamin D and calcium.*
  • Chromium. Did you know that chromium supplements provide glucose support and facilitate insulin functions for insulin-sensitive individuals?* It also stimulates your metabolism and helps your digestive system break down carbs and fats.*
  • Copper. Copper is for more than just pretty home decor. A copper supplement supports the creation of red blood cells, aids the body’s absorption of iron, encourages healthy joints, and offers antioxidant protection.*
  • Manganese. Keep your bones and tissues in excellent shape with a manganese supplement! It’s also an essential mineral for brain health and function.*
  • Selenium. Get the best thyroid support from a selenium supplement! But that’s not all! Selenium also provides antioxidant protection and immune support so your body can thrive.*
  • Silica. Increase calcium absorption, support collagen production, and strengthen your bones with an ultra-absorbable silica supplement.*
  • Strontium. Did you know that strong bones require more than just calcium and magnesium? A strontium supplement encourages new bone growth, increases bone mass, and boosts bone strength.*
  • Electrolytes. Need an electrolyte boost? Our natural electrolyte supplements shield your immune system from foreign invaders, give you an extra dose of energy, and restore whole-body balance.* Bonus: they’re the perfect grab-and-go electrolyte drink!
  • Trace minerals. Not sure which mineral supplement your body craves? Try trace minerals, a superior formula that boosts your energy levels and stimulates your metabolism.*

These miscellaneous supplements are the perfect complement to our superior vitamins and minerals!* Contact our Wellness Experts to find a perfect match for your wellness journey. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? It can be tricky to know the right things to search, but we’re here to help you out. Send us a message in our LiveChat.