Trace Minerals

Trace minerals are key nutrients that help you maintain a healthy body from head to toe! If you’re new to these micro but mighty nutrients, you’re in for a delightful dose of useful information. Trace minerals are a category of minerals that our bodies only need a small amount of — but that small amount doesn’t mean small benefits!

In fact, we only need a small dose of these minerals because they are that powerful! The most important trace minerals include iron, zinc, selenium, and more! Each of these impressive nutrients plays its own vital role in the body that can’t be replaced. In fact, the impressive benefits of taking trace minerals aren’t hard to trace.

Trace minerals benefits

  • Assists a variety of biochemical reactions throughout the body*
  • Rich in antioxidant properties that support cellular health*
  • Aids in nutrient absorption and boosts metabolism*
  • Preserves cardiovascular and cognitive function*
  • Amplifies healthy red blood cell production*
  • Enhances the body’s natural energy levels*
  • Nourishes a growing and developing body*
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Give your body the health kick it deserves with a daily dose of trace minerals! We rely on these powerful micronutrients to maintain vital systems, but our diets often lack them — even though we only require small amounts. They’re hard to find in the modern diet! That’s why we carry the best trace mineral supplements on the market! 

So, what is a trace mineral? “Trace” is another word for “micro,” which is the amount we need of these essential minerals. But that tiny number doesn’t mean our bodies won’t notice if we’re missing out on these minerals. In fact, there is a long list of trace minerals deficiency symptoms starting with low energy, weak immunity, and poor focus. 

If you’re ready to fight those symptoms, we’ll show you how to get trace minerals so you can maintain your healthiest body. From trace mineral drops to tablets, we have plenty of supplements for you to choose! 

Important trace minerals list:

  • Iron is crucial to healthy circulatory and muscular function. This essential mineral is especially important for menstruating and pregnant women as iron deficiencies are common among these groups.* 
  • Zinc is your go-to during sickness, but did you know it is also vital to healthy digestion and reproduction? Zinc promotes enzymatic function to help break down food and absorb nutrients. Plus, it supports fertility in both men and women.*
  • Iodine is essential for thyroid hormone production and low levels can lead to thyroid problems. Maintaining sufficient iodine may assist metabolic function, weight management, cognitive health, and more.*
  • Copper is among the best trace minerals for energy! It assists in maintaining healthy circulatory, cardiovascular, immune, and cognitive systems.*
  • Selenium is a strong antioxidant that supports whole-body health. This key nutrient encourages reproductive health, cardiovascular function, and immune system strength.*
  • Chromium offers important support for the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. Additionally, it may stimulate healthy insulin activity.* 
  • Manganese is another trace mineral that delivers a potent dose of antioxidants to the body. It also supports healthy bone development and wound healing.*
  • Molybdenum brings more antioxidant benefits to the body by helping break down harmful substances that we regularly encounter such as toxins and oxidative stress.*
  • Boron is essential to wound healing and bone growth and development. Plus, it promotes healthy levels of hormones throughout the body.*
  • Vanadium is ideal for cardiovascular and circulatory support! This powerful mineral assists healthy cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.*
  • Strontium is the trace mineral you need to fortify your bone health! It aids in growth, maintenance, and bone mineral density.*
  • Potassium is one of the most important trace minerals! It plays a role in many bodily functions which include regulating your heart rate, assisting healthy muscle and nerve function, and encouraging metabolism.*
  • Gold isn’t just beautiful to look at. In fact, it’s included in some of the best trace mineral supplements as it strengthens immune function and helps fight off occasional illnesses.*
  • Silver is on our best trace minerals list because of its many benefits! This nutrient supports energy levels, improves circulation, and boosts immune health.*

As you can see, the list of trace minerals benefits is nearly endless! Whether you’re after a boost in energy, immunity, or overall wellness, trace minerals are sure to get the job done. 

Looking for a specific nutrient to enhance your daily health? Check out the rest of our vitamins and minerals. And if you’re searching for the best trace minerals supplement for your body, we can provide you with the personalized guidance you need. Click the LiveChat feature to speak with one of our certified Wellness Consultants today!