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From your sex drive to your sexual health, we carry supplements to keep you healthy and active in the bedroom! UTIs, yeast infections, and vaginal dryness can interrupt your daily routine — not to mention, make you extremely uncomfortable! Our women’s sexual health products contain the best vitamins, minerals, and herbs to prevent those unpleasant issues.

We get it, sexual health is an intimate topic! Whatever you’re facing, we want to encourage your best health. From probiotics to herbal supplements for women’s sexual health, our products target a variety of your biggest concerns. 

  • Boost libido*
  • Protect against UTIs and yeast infections*
  • Help balance hormones*
  • Reduce vaginal dryness*
  • Promote good bacteria*
  • Preserve healthy pH levels*
  • Support circulatory health*
  • Encourage reproductive function*
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Our women’s sexual health supplements provide the assistance you need to overcome sexual health concerns and uncomfortable women’s health issues so you can feel like yourself — every inch of you! Our vitamins for women’s sexual health offer support for a variety of concerns, including:

  • Low libido
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Yeast infection
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Bacterial vaginosis 
  • Hormonal imbalance

While you can typically identify the root of an infection, the cause of a low libido isn’t nearly so easy to pinpoint. It’s common for your sex drive to naturally fluctuate with lifestyle changes, hormonal shifts, age, and more. When you notice a steeper dip in your drive, women’s libido supplements help return it to normal.

How? Our superior women’s sexual health products are loaded with impressive nutrients that promote balance across your whole body. For reproductive function and sexual arousal, we carry supplements rich in health- and sex-boosting vitamins, minerals, and herbs!

  • Korean red ginseng is a powerful libido booster because it stimulates arousal, promotes circulation, and enhances sensation.*
  • Maca is a great herb for women’s sexual health after menopause! It not only increases sexual desire but also helps soothe menopausal symptoms.*
  • B vitamins promote higher energy and endurance, and they even boost libido by helping regulate prolactin levels.*
  • Horny goat weed contains phytoestrogens which help balance hormones, increase sex drive, and improve circulation.*
  • Cranberry extract is a common treatment for preventing and reducing UTIs. This is because it contains proanthocyanidins which keep bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall.*
  • Probiotics increase healthy vaginal bacteria and protect against bad bacteria that can result in yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.*
  • D-Mannose is another great nutrient for women’s sexual health because it heightens the effects of cranberry extract on UTIs and provokes frequent urination to help flush out the bad bacteria.*

Whether you’re in the market for bacteria-busting probiotics or vitamins for women’s libido, we have plenty of products to choose from! Furthermore, if you want to help regulate your periods, soothe menopausal symptoms, or balance your hormones, browse the rest of our women’s health supplements!

Want to find the best supplement for women’s libido? We offer personalized advice and recommendations. Just click the LiveChat feature to speak with one of our certified Wellness Consultants!