Gryph & Ivyrose Moody Blues – Herbal Mood Supplement

Gryph & Ivyrose

Gryph & Ivyrose Moody Blues – Herbal Mood Supplement

Gryph & Ivyrose

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Masterfully crafted from nine carefully curated botanicals, Moody Blues is here to help your child out of those desperate, moody and nervous moments. 

  • Supports a healthy mood*
  • Helps ease anxiety angry outbursts*
  • A perfect mood elixir for kids ages 2+.*
  • A blend of nine mood-balancing botanicals*
  • Pediatrician-approved
  • Made in the USA

The world is a big place and the emotions your little one encounters can be tricky to navigate — but Moody Blues is here to help! This powerful bad-mood-balancing elixir can help you ease your child out of those moody, anxious and overwhelming moments. 

Nine botanicals were carefully chosen and masterfully blended to bring a sense of calm to your little one’s nervous system and promote an uplifted spirit. (Each ingredient is in this mood elixir for kids is safe those little ones over the age of two.)

  • Silk Tree Bark: This beautiful tree with a sweetly fragrant flower is also known as Mimosa. The bark is used to lift the spirit and calm the soul. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has been used to support a healthy stress response. In fact, it is so closely aligned with mood support that, in Chinese, it is known as “happiness” bark and flowers.*
  • Licorice Root: A native plant to the Mediterranean region and is now grown throughout the world is a culinary delicacy that is also used medicinally to support mood. It also helps to soothe upset tummies, especially those related to stress.*
  • Poria Sclerotium: A subterranean mushroom that grows around the root of the red pine tree has been used for thousands of years to lift the spirit.*
  • Atractylodes Root: Soothing, easing, and supportive for the whole body, but especially for digestion.
  • Dong Quai Root: Enriching and balancing for the body. 
  • Uncaria rhynchophylla: Calming and relaxing, this herb provides nutrients that support the liver and nervous system.
  • Chinese Peony Root: Helps to relax tense muscles and moody minds.
  • Ligusticum Root: Soothing, warming, and helps to quiet muscles and tension.
  • Bupleurum Root: A staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this root supports the adrenal glands and helps to harmonize the body while encouraging a happier mood.


Regain peace and harmony in your home with this mood elixir for kids. It’s one of our top products, a favorite by our own team members and our customers!

Mix with water or non-citrus juice. Use two to three times per day.

  • 2 to 4 years of age: 10 drops
  • 4 to 8 years of age: 15 drops
  • 8 to 12 years of age: 30 drops
  • 12+ years of age: 45 drops


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Serving Size:  45 drops (varies by age)

Servings Per Container:  20 (varies by age)

Ingredients:  Herbal Extract Proprietary Blend – Silk Tree Bark, Poria Sclerotium, Atractylodes Root, Dong Quai Root, Uncaria Rhynchophylla Stem with Thorn, Chinese Peony Root, Ligusticum Root, Bupleurum Root, Licorice Root

Other Ingredients:  Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized Water

VEGAN  |  PARVE K-1604

Gryph and Ivyrose believes in providing the absolute best for growing children. After seeking out what was labeled the most ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ products for children, they realized those products kept coming up short. So, they decided to craft a diverse product line that would support their little one’s growing bodies and changing needs. Products that were high performance, delivering lasting results using only the best herbal ingredients.

Their company is also committed to sustainability and safety, every step of the way. They use sustainable packaging on their bottles (mineral paper that doesn’t require harvesting of trees or bleaching) and only deliver in glass, reusable bottles. Their products are made using wind power, a clean fuel source that doesn’t cause pollution. Their products are all Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free and made in the USA. All of their products use organic ingredients whenever possible. Even when it isn’t, you can rest assured that they’ve sourced the safest and highest quality ingredients.

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