Jarrow Formulas Vitamin D3


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Brighten your mood and get more energy with Jarrow Formulas Vitamin D3! This sunshine vitamin offers sunny benefits like less brain fog and stronger immunity!

  • 2500 and 5000 IU
  • More positive outlook*
  • Boost of energy*
  • Enhanced brain, heart, skeletal, and immune health*

Jarrow Formulas Vitamin D3

Brighten your day with vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin! Why is it called the sunshine vitamin? Because one of the best ways to absorb vitamin D is from the sun’s rays! However, many people still have a vitamin D deficiency even if they manage to spend plenty of time in the great outdoors or maintain a healthy diet. While our bodies can also absorb vitamin D from some foods, it is often not enough to make a significant impact on our vitamin levels.

So, what’s the solution? Jarrow Formulas Vitamin D3! With an incredible 2500 or 5000 IU per serving, your vitamin D levels are sure to brighten up faster than the morning sun! And you know what that means: higher energy, a more joyful mood, a strengthened immune system, healthier bones, and so much more! Check out these sunny vitamin D3 benefits!

  • Energy levels: Ready for a burst of fresh energy? Vitamin D3 naturally supplies the body with great amounts of sustained energy.*
  • Better mood: Take a look on the brighter side! Vitamin D3 makes every day seem brighter by increasing your mood and positive outlook on life.*
  • Enhanced cognition: Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to clear thinking! Vitamin D3 promotes focus and concentration*
  • Stronger bones: Did you know that vitamin D3 helps the body absorb calcium? And more calcium means a stronger skeletal system!*
  • Supports immunity: Vitamin D3 plays a large role in immune health, so consuming more vitamin D3 means you can stay healthy all year long!*

You deserve the sunniest day, and Jarrow Formulas vitamin D3 delivers a brighter tomorrow! Want to make sure your body fully absorbs your vitamin D supplement? Contact our certified Wellness Consultants via our contact page to learn more!

Suggested Use: For adults, take 1 softgel daily or every other day with a fat-containing meal or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

Cautions: Keep out of the reach of children. Individuals consuming more than 2,000 IU/day of vitamin D should periodically obtain a serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D measurement. Consult a healthcare professional before using this product if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or lactating, under the age of 18, or have a medical condition (especially kidney stones or dysfunction, hyperparathyroidism, hypercalcemia, lymphoma, or sarcoidosis).

Questions? We’ve got answers! Reach out to our support team for help.

Serving Size: 1 Softgel

Servings Per Container: 100

Ingredients: Vitamin D (as D3 Cholecalciferol)

Other Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil and softgel (bovine gelatin, glycerin, purified water)

Jarrow Formulas began in 1977 when Jarrow L. Rogovin would personally deliver his self-made herbal supplements to local health food stores. By the 1980s, Jarrow expanded his small operation into his own health food store in West Hollywood, California. Jarrow set his company apart from the competition by focusing his efforts on formulating supplements based on innovative scientific research. What once began as a small, local service has expanded into an internationally renowned health supplement company. 

Jarrow Formulas centers its mission around scientific research, even funding research studies on their own products such as Bone-Up, Co-Q10 Ubiquinol, JarroSil, and more. In 2000, Jarrow Formulas established Jarrow Industries, Inc. as their main manufacturer, allowing for the manufacturing of each product to be supported and verified for quality from start to finish. Jarrow Formulas’ state-of-the-art laboratories enlist a staff of specialists to ensure their products meet the highest standards of quality assurance. 

For nearly two decades, Jarrow Formulas has garnered the interest of the health industry and has even accumulated 37 awards for their innovative supplements! Some awards include:

  • Consumer Lab #1 Probiotics for Customer Satisfaction: 2019, 2021
  • Taste For Life Magazine Essentials Award: 2017, 2019
  • Better Nutrition Magazine Best of Supplements Award: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Vitamin Retailer Magazine Vity Award: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013
  • NutraIngredients USA Awards, Probiotic Product of the Year: 2008


Additionally, Jarrow Formulas is regulated by Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Quality Assurance International (QAI), United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (USDA Organic), the NSF Non-GMO True North Standard, and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to ensure their products are created following safe and efficacious practices!

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