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Keep your focus, memory, and everyday cognition fully charged with Lively Vitamin Co.’s brightest supplement yet — Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery!*

  • Supports optimal brain function* 
  • Combats mental and physical fatigue*
  • Enhances focus, concentration, and learning ability*
  • Encourages a healthier natural stress response*
  • Helps protect against age-related mental decline*
  • Preserves healthy nerves and cells*
  • Non-stimulant formula*

Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery

Tired of losing focus during meetings, struggling to recall important information, or feeling like your brain is sluggish? Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery is here to recharge your focus and cognition! This brain-nourishing supplement blends together reinvigorating yet relaxing nutrients and vitamins for a sharper mind and healthy brain activity. 

  • Boosts brain activity to assist productivity, creativity, and focus*
  • Aids in healthy brain aging*
  • Promotes better memory recall*
  • Encourages a sense of calmness in the mind*
  • Assists in maintaining healthy inflammation levels*
  • Provides antioxidant-rich properties that protect cellular function*
  • Supports a healthy stress response*


Ingredients and Vitamins for Brain Health and Focus

Developed with your mind in mind, Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery’s adaptogenic herbal formula soothes, enriches, and bolsters brain function for an impact you’ll notice at work, at home, and everywhere in between! Here are the all-natural ingredients that recharge your brain to 100%:

  • L-tyrosine assists the production of important neurotransmitters (including dopamine) that regulate mood and sleep.*
  • Alpha GPC is the most bioavailable form of choline that enhances nerve and muscle function for higher natural energy levels.*
  • L-theanine naturally occurs in green tea and provides the mind-calming benefits you might experience after drinking a cup. This sense of alert calmness allows for focused, anxious-free thoughts.*
  • Kanna plays a key role in maintaining healthy serotonin levels to encourage easier relaxation, sharper memory, and a stronger learning ability.*
  • Green tea leaf extract keeps your mind clear! This powerful nutrient promotes your natural inflammatory response and aids in antioxidant protection to enhance clarity and support healthy aging.*
  • Ginkgo biloba promotes a healthy blood flow throughout our whole body, allowing for all the essential nutrients to reach the brain.*
  • Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it helps our body adapt to stress! Additionally, rhodiola relieves mental and physical fatigue and encourages cognitive performance.*
  • Huperzine A is a natural brain booster works in tandem with alpha GPC to promote choline production and protect nervous system health.*
  • Bacopa Monnieri helps protect against age-related mental decline.*

FAQs about Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery

Q: What is the recommended dosage of Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery?

A: Take 3 capsules daily, with or without food. For enhanced results, you may consume 3 capsules twice a day, for a total of 6 capsules. 

Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: Results vary due to genetics, age, and health conditions. However, you should notice an impact within the first few months, if not the first few days! For the best outcomes, consistently stick to the recommended dosage or consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice.  

Q: Are there any known side effects associated with Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery?

A: This is generally well-tolerated. However, individuals with sensitivities to the listed ingredients might experience side effects like headaches, nausea, stomach discomfort, or dizziness. If you experience these symptoms, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Q: Can pregnant and nursing mothers take Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery? 

A: While it’s generally safe, there’s limited research on its use during pregnancy or nursing. Talk to a healthcare professional before starting this supplement. 


Who can benefit from Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery?

Everyone can benefit from the best brain supplements! Whether we’re struggling with slow cognition, mental decline, poor memory recall, or concentration troubles, our brain needs nourishment. 

  • Students who need a brain boost for studying.
  • Professionals who want to keep their brain in peak condition.
  • Aging adults who struggle with memory loss or have poor memory recall.
  • Women who battle brain fog due to fluctuating hormones.
  • Distracted adults who have a hard time concentrating or focusing.
  • Anyone who wants to nourish their brain and enhance their memory!

That’s why Lively Vitamin Co. created brain and memory supplements like Brain Battery! This formula is designed to supplement your mind with the nutrients it needs for quicker, brighter, and sharper thoughts.*


Choose Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery for a sharper mind! 

Work, stress, and slow cognition are a bad mix, and yet, that’s usually how the cycle goes! Try a supplement for brain health when you’re ready to break that continuous wheel. From sharper focus to stronger creativity, you’ll notice a difference in your daily routine. Buy Lively Vitamin Co. Brain Battery and never run on low again!

Stress is the common culprit for many of our health concerns, especially fatigue and brain fog. If you’re ready to stress less and feel your best, browse through our vast selection of brain and memory supplements. Looking for a personalized recommendation? Head to our contact page to speak with one of our certified Wellness Consultants today!

Suggested Use: Take one serving (3 capsules) per day. For enhanced results, take one serving twice per day.*

Cautions: Keep out of the reach of children. Consult a physician before taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, or have a medical condition.  

Questions? We’ve got answers! Reach out to our support team for help.

Serving Size: 3 Capsules

Servings Per Container: 30

Ingredients: L-Tyrosine, L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC), Ginkgo biloba Leaf Extract (std. to 24% flavones, 6% lactones), Bacopa monnieri Stem & Leaf Powder, Rhodiola rosea Root Extract (std. to 3% rosavins, 1% salidrosides), Kanna Leaf Powder (Sceletium tortuosum), Green Tea Leaf Extract, L-Theanine, Huperzine A

Other Ingredients: Methylcellulose Capsule

Lively Vitamin Co. was launched by a husband and wife team who want to impact lives by supporting health through supplementation. With two decades of experience in the health and wellness industry, they found themselves frustrated with the high prices of quality products that sometimes put them out of reach of the customers in their retail stores. It became their mission to source high quality products at an affordable price and Lively Vitamin Co. is the result of their efforts.

What will you find in their products?

  • High quality ingredients
  • Responsible eco-friendly sourcing 
  • No heat-compressed processing
  • Affordable pricing
  • Third-party testing to ensure purity and quality 
  • Manufactured in the USA in a GMP facility

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