Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol Drops

Sovereign Silver

Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol Drops

Sovereign Silver

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Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol Drops is a daily immune support that can help promote health and wellness and rapid healing.*

  • Supports immune function*
  • Promotes health and wellness*
  • May help stimulate quicker recovery from illnesses*

Using silver to safeguard our health may sound like some bizarre new health fad, but silver has been present in medicinal practice for over 2,400 years. Since Hippocrates, silver’s health-protecting properties have been well-known and intensely researched. It is a natural element that can be found in whole grains, edible and medicinal mushrooms, mammalian milk, spring water, seawater, and tap water.

  • Safe and effective
  • Natural, pure ingredients
  • Vegan 
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Non-GMO


What makes this colloidal silver stand out? Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol offers greater than 98% bio-activity and is 8x more potent than a 250 ppm colloidal silver. It is the ultimate refinement of colloidal silver. If silver is not positively charged, it is not bio-active. 

The tiny particle size yields greater surface area and higher efficiency, making Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver 10 ppm product more effective than competing brands containing up to 500 ppm. The smaller the particle size, the more bio-active the silver and the easier it is for the body to absorb and eliminate. Sovereign Silver features an unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8 nanometers, resulting in a formula that contains greater than 98% bio-active silver ions and silver nanoclusters. Even if taken 7 times a day for 70 years, Sovereign Silver still falls below the EPA’s daily Oral Reference Dose (RfD) for silver.†

Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver Hydrosol Drops contains only 99.999% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water. There are no added salts or proteins. Most other brands contain as little as 10% positively charged silver and have added ingredients that make the silver less effective. 

Adults: 1 teaspoon, hold under the tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow.

Children 4 years and older: 1/2 teaspoon

  • Maintenance Dose*– Once daily, hold 1 tsp. under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.
  • Immune-Building* – 3 times daily
  • Long-Term Immune Support* – 5 times daily
  • Short-Term Immune Support* – 7 times daily


Caution: Colloidal silver may interfere with the absorption of some drugs, including antibiotics and thyroid deficiency medication. If you are taking prescription drugs or have serious medical concerns, we recommend speaking with your doctor before trying colloidal silver. Follow recommended dosage guidelines, especially those given by your healthcare provider. 

For pets under veterinarian care for compromised liver or kidney function, consult your veterinarian before starting any new health supplementation. Use caution when applying with a glass dropper and do not insert glass dropper directly into the pet’s mouth.

† – 

If pregnant or nursing, consult a healthcare practitioner before using.

Servings Size: 1 teaspoon (5 ml)

Servings Per Container: Varies by Size

Active Ingredients: Silver

Other Ingredients: Pharmaceutical Grade Purified Water


Stephen L. Quinto began the story of Sovereign Silver in France in 1966 when he was looking for an alternative to chlorine-based systems for keeping his pool water clean. Colloidal silver was the answer — and this sparked a curiousity that propelled Quinto into research and development of how silver could be used to support the human body.

He was eventually able to isolate silver into particles so small that they were almost indistinguishable – even under an electron microscope! The silver’s near-perfect dispersion represented not only a breakthrough in the science but also the ultimate refinement of the colloidal silver category. He sent his findings to various universities and professors who confirmed that he had created a colloidal silver so fine that it was highly effective even at dilutions of 150 ppb (parts per billion).

In 1998, Natural Immunogenics Corp. was founded, and in 1999, the company built its own laboratory in Miami. In December 1999, the family owned and operated business introduced Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ and the Sovereign Silver® brand to the U.S. marketplace. By 2005, the product line was the #1 selling silver supplement, according to SPINS. The brand continues to be the #1 selling silver brand in North America and is also sold around the globe in places such as Europe, Canada and the UAE.

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