Plant Therapy Calcium Bentonite Clay

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For healthy hair and clear skin, try Plant Therapy Calcium Bentonite Clay to draw out the toxins that cause impurities!

  • Helps prevent skin impurities*
  • Encourages supple skin*
  • Helps protect skin from irritants*
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair*
  • Can be used as a hair, face, or body mask

Plant Therapy Calcium Bentonite Clay

If you deal with oily skin or brittle hair, you’re not alone. In fact, the toxins we come in contact with every day could be causing impurities in our skin and unhealthy hair. You can support the health of your hair and skin when you try Plant Therapy Calcium Bentonite Clay. 

Did you know? The toxins in our air and our food can cause your skin and hair to overproduce oil and lead to unwanted blemishes and grease. Plant Therapy Calcium Bentonite Clay contains bentonite, an oil-absorbing, toxin-fighting natural clay that is sure to give you the best skin and hair days you could ask for. Its many benefits include:

  • Helping relieve skin inflammation and breakouts*
  • Boosting skin’s moisture without causing oiliness*
  • Helping detoxify and calm irritated skin*
  • Promoting healthy and soft hair*
  • Helping protect the skin’s barrier from harmful toxins*

This comprehensive clay can be combined with water or apple cider vinegar to create a strong, impurity-fighting mask for both your skin and your hair! Once it’s mixed with a liquid to create a creamy paste, apply it to your face and let it dry for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. You can follow the same steps for your hair, then hop in the shower for a detoxifying beginning or end to your day! You can even add this clay to a nice, relaxing bath to help moisturize and detoxify your entire body.

This clay is sure to be your next favorite step in your skin and hair care routine — protect your outside barrier from dangerous toxins with Plant Therapy Calcium Bentonite Clay! 

Suggested Use: For face, skin, and hair masks: Combine 1 part clay to 2 parts water or apple cider vinegar and mix until it forms a creamy paste. Apply to skin and allow to dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Use 1-2 times a week for best results. For bath: Mix 1-2 cups of clay with water. Then add the mixture to your bathwater. Soak for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water. Use once every two weeks for best results. Avoid using metal bowls or utensils as it can diminish the benefits. Glass, ceramic, wooden, or bamboo tools are ideal.

Caution: For external use only. Perform a patch test on your forearm before use on the face. For sensitive skin, do not use a clay mask for more than 5-10 minutes as it may cause redness or dryness. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.  

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Serving Size: Varies

Servings Per Container: Varies

Ingredients: Bentonite

100% Pure | Made in USA

Plant Therapy is passionate about quality and safety. They test every single batch of oils for in-depth information on each chemical constituent with GC-MS testing, and evaluate each oil’s color, consistency, and general appearance to give you the most accurate information possible.

We are especially excited to be carrying Plant Therapy’s KidSafe line. They are the first company to develop an entire line of essential oils especially for children. You can feel confident using KidSafe oils – they were formulated by Robert Tisserand. He is known throughout the world as an educator and speaker on the benefits of essential oils and their safe use. KidSafe Synergy products are designed to target the specific issues and ailments common among children 2-10.

Plant Therapy explains their vision this way — “As parents ourselves, the Plant Therapy team wouldn’t settle for anything less than absolute safety. The level of research, testing and quality assurance that we put into developing our KidSafe line is unparalleled in the industry. And not only are the oils 100% safe for children, they are effective too.”

We love Plant Therapy and their high-quality, affordable essential oils — and we think you will too!

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