SpaRoom Seascape Essential Oil Diffuser


SpaRoom Seascape Essential Oil Diffuser



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SpaRoom Seascape Essential Oil Diffuser is the aspiring aromatherapist’s dream — a beautiful ultrasonic diffuser that enhances your home or office.

  • Beautiful swirling sea glass design
  • Provides up to 8 hours of continuous mist with three varying levels of intensity
  • Optional lighting (white light or off) 
  • Intended to scent a large room size (300-499 sq ft)
  • 150 mL water capacity

Are you a fan of the beach? Are ocean waves your jam? If so, this essential oil diffuser is for you! Designed with the sea-lover in mind, SpaRoom Seascape Essential Oil Diffuser is a one-of-a-kind essential oil diffuser that adds the beauty of aromatherapy (and the sea!) to your space.

What space? Any space! Its blue-green hues, combined with a spark of sunset-gold, add beauty to any environment! Suitable for rooms ranging from 300-499 square feet, this essential oil diffuser made from glass would work perfectly in a larger setting such as a family area, living room, or office space. Just set it on a desk or coffee table and let it work its magic.

The SpaRoom Seascape Essential Oil Diffuser allows you to choose from three levels of mist intensity. Depending on the setting, it can provide a continuous mist for up to 8 hours! It is an ultrasonic diffuser, meaning its fine mist of tiny essential oil particles is created using water and electronic frequencies.

The radiant ultrasonic diffuser comes with an AC adapter that is cETLus certified, so you can rest assured that it’s a safe and effective product to have in your home or workspace. When the unit runs out of water, it will simply shut off automatically! 

Would you like some aromatherapy ideas to go with it? Consider trying one of these room-enhancing blends:


From calming to uplifting, the room-and-health-improving possibilities are endless! If you can’t get enough of seaside views, why not bring the sea to you?! 

Place diffuser on a flat, water-resistant surface before operation.

  1. Remove cover. Remove water tank lid from the base.
  2. Insert the adapter’s DC connector into the DC socket located on the back of the base. Plug the AC end of the adapter into an electrical wall outlet.
  3. Pour tap water into the water tank up to the max water level line. Add 2-5 drops of essential oil (not included) directly into the water tank.
  4. Replace the water tank lid. Replace cover on top of base, aligning mist outlet with nozzle on water tank lid.
  5. Button Functions:
      1. Right Side – Mist Intensity: 1st Push = High,  2nd Push = Medium,  3rd Push = Low,  4th Push = Turns unit off completely
      2. Left Side – Light: 1st Push = Warm white light ON,  2nd Push = Turns light OFF



  • Only use 100% pure essential oil. Other types, such as fragrance and synthetic oils, may cause corrosion that can damage your diffuser and void our warranty.
  • The unit will stop misting when water level becomes too low.
  • The light must be manually turned off.
  • Disconnect the adapter from electrical outlet when not in use.


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