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Terry Naturally Clinical Essentials

Terry Naturally - Europharma

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Non-GMO Dairy Free Gluten Free Soy Free Sugar Free

60 tablets

Feel your best with Clinical Essentials, a multivitamin and mineral supplement that contains the most absorbable forms of nutrients at effective dosage levels. 

  • Coated tablet is easy to swallow and gentle on the stomach
  • Supports immune system health*
  • Boosts mood, energy, and stamina*
  • Supports heart health, metabolism and healthy blood sugar balance*
  • Non-GMO
  • Does not contain sugar, salt, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy products, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, artificial preservatives


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Terry Naturally Clinical Essentials is a premium multivitamin and mineral supplement. It combines 30 clinically validated nutrients in more effective forms than most multivitamin supplements – for powerful results you will feel! It is formulated to be easy on the stomach and it’s Gingerglide® technology provides a ginger coating that allows for an easy to swallow tablet.

Some of the health benefits you may experience from Clinical Essentials multivitamin and mineral supplement include:

  • Supports daily energy levels, stamina, mental well-being, and cognitive function*
  • Supports the health of your cardiovascular system*
  • Promotes cellular strength and a healthy metabolism*
  • Supports strong bones and teeth*

Customers that generally have trouble tolerating multivitamins find that the Terry Naturally’s unique formulation is gentle on the stomach, has no vitamin aftertaste or smell, and is easy to digest because of the premium forms of vitamins and minerals it contains.

Why do the forms of nutrients in a multivitamin and mineral supplement make a difference? Here are some examples of the nutrients included in Clinical Essentials and what makes them better than most multivitamin and mineral supplements:

  • Active B-Vitamins:  The B-Vitamins used in most supplements need to be converted by the body into a usable form by the liver after they have been absorbed in the digestive tract. Because of age and other health factors, many people’s bodies are inefficient at this conversion process. Active B-Vitamins are in a form immediately usable by the body.
  • TRAACS® Chelated Minerals:  Many mineral forms aren’t easily utilized by the body. Clinical Essentials uses TRAACS (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System) to bind minerals to easily absorbed amino acids for easier absorption and full benefits.
  • Full Tocopherol Family of Vitamin E:  Research indicates that you need the full family of E vitamins for improved results. Most formulas only provide d-alpha tocopherol for their vitamin E.
  • Vitamin D3:  The body can immediately synthesis vitamin D3. Formulas that contain vitamin D2 are providing a nutrient that needs to be converted by the body into vitamin D3.

Suggested Use: 2 tablets daily for every day use. May increase to 2 tablets twice daily for maximum health benefits. Take with meals.

Cautions: Keep out of the reach of children. Consult a physician before taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, or have a medical condition.

Questions? We’ve got answers! Click the LiveChat button in the lower right hand side of your screen to start talking with one of our Wellness Consultants or call one of our stores  to speak with a member of our team.


Serving Size:  2

Servings Per Container:  30

Active Ingredients:  Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate), Vitamin C (from calcium ascorbate), Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol), Vitamin E (as d-alpha and mixed tocopherols), Vitamin K2 (as Mena Q7® menaquinone-7), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin (Vitamin B3) (as niacin and from niacinamide), Vitamin B6 (from pyridoxal-5-phosphate), Folate (from (6S)-5-methylfolate) (equivalent to 400 mcg of (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolic acid, glucosamine salt)†, Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin), Biotin (as D-biotin), Pantothenic acid (from d-calcium pantothenate), Calcium (from TRAACS® Calcium Glycinate Chelate, calcium fructoborate, calcium ascorbate, and d-calcium pantothenate), Iodine (from potassium iodide), Magnesium (TRAACS® Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate Buffered (Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate and Magnesium Oxide), Zinc (from TRAACS® Zinc Glycinate), Selenium (from Selenium Glycinate Complex), Copper (from TRAACS® Copper Glycinate Chelate), Manganese (from TRAACS® Manganese Glycinate Chelate), Chromium (from TRAACS® Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate), Molybdenum (from TRAACS® Molybdenum Glycinate Chelate), Potassium (from Potassium Glycinate Complex), Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Rhizome Extract Standardized for ≥ 5% gingerols and shogaols (5 mg), Benfotiamine, Choline (from choline bitartrate), Inositol, Bioflavonoids from Citrus (Citrus aurantium) Peel Extract, PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid), Boron (from calcium fructoborate), Vanadium (from TRAACS® Vanadium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate)

**Daily Value (DV) Not Established
† US Patent No. 7,947,662

Other Ingredients:  microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin, hydroxypropyl cellulose, citric acid, croscarmellose sodium, silica, starch, stearic acid, glycerol monostearate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, ascorbyl palmitate, rosemary extract.

Does Not Contain:  sugar, salt, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy products, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, or artificial preservatives. Color variations are normal.



Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Terry Naturally (aka Europharma) specializes in bringing both European-tested, unique natural medicines and proprietary, custom formulations to the American consumer. They continue to advance the science of natural health with their quality products. “Our Passion Is Your Health!” is more than just a motto for them. Their enthusiastic staff is truly passionate about bringing effective, proven, life-changing products to their customers.

Europharma’s founder and president, Terry Lemerond has over 40 years experience in the health food industry as an owner of several health food stores and nutritional manufacturing companies. He has researched and developed over 400 nutritional and botanical formulations that continue to be top selling products on the market today. He is the author of two books, Seven Keys to Vibrant Health and Seven Keys to Unlimited Personal Achievement.

Terry’s mission is to continue to introduce revolutionary natural products that will improve the health of America. He has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of health and nutrition, which he shares with others through radio, podcasts, educational webinars, and personal speaking engagements. Having experienced the life-changing effect of proper nutrition, exercise, and effective natural medicines himself, he is eager to help others meet their personal and health goals as well.


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