CBD for Pain Relief

The Best CBD for Pain Relief

Aches and pains holding you back? CBD for pain relief is ready to set you free! 

Are you experiencing occasional pain or discomfort? We’re sorry to hear that! Fortunately, CBD for pain relief can help you manage tenderness and soreness — and even get to the root of it for even more long-lasting relief! CBD products bring peace to your mind and body so you can avoid the achiness, soreness, and general discomfort that interrupts your day.  

Pain can be the result of many factors. Maybe you’re pushing extra hard at the gym, your joints are growing weaker with age, or you’re dealing with chronic discomfort. Whatever you’re feeling, CBD for pain relief is here to help! 

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But how does CBD relieve pain? Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that regulates our mood, energy, appetite, immunity, sleep, and pain functions. Its receptors are located in the central nervous system (CNS) and throughout the entire body. 

CBD works in conjunction with the receptors in the nervous system, supporting your natural pain response, antioxidant capacity, and inflammation levels. Additionally, CBD may boost adenosine levels in the brain which has been shown to inhibit the sensation of pain.

Whatever is in your way of feeling your best, our CBD products can break down those barriers to get you there. We have the best CBD tinctures, gummies, and topicals to keep you crushing your goals!

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Here's What We Recommend

Wild Theory Soothe — Broad Spectrum CBD Pain Blend

Soothe yourself into comfort and relaxation with a daily dose of this broad-spectrum CBD tincture!

If you’re looking for the perfect THC-free way to relieve achy, everyday discomfort, Wild Theory Soothe – Broad Spectrum CBD Pain Blend is your answer! Its formula combines 1,000mg of CBD with 200mg of CBG, a powerful cannabinoid that works in unison with CBD to relieve pain. 

Whether you put in extra work at the gym or you’re on your feet all day, this CBD pain relief blend will keep you moving with no interruptions. Its formula is strong enough to ease your discomfort, yet mild enough for daily use. Additionally, it’s a broad spectrum CBD oil that provides an entourage sensation without any psychoactive effects of THC!

Why you’ll love this CBD for pain relief: Wild Theory Soothe is the perfect blend of CBD and CBG oil for relieving everyday aches and pains so you can maintain your ideal pace of life!

Wild Theory CBD Cream Regular Strength

Target stiff joints and sore muscles with a dab of this powerful CBD pain relief cream!

You don’t always have to ingest CBD to reap its benefits! Wild Theory’s CBD Cream Regular Strength is the soothing, fast-acting CBD topical you need for some relief — whether it’s chronic, neuropathic, or occasional.

Struggling with sore muscles? Battling arthritic discomfort? Work some moisturizing CBD cream into your skin to experience its revitalizing relief. Plus, you can use CBD cream to calm itchy, red skin. It takes as little as a few minutes before you feel its effects!

Why you’ll love this CBD for pain relief: When you’re experiencing pain in a specific area, Wild Theory’s CBD Cream Regular Strength will bring you the targeted relief you need.

Wild Theory CBD Isolate Gummies

Feeling defeated after a painful injury? Tight muscle or sore back? Beat those aches with a tasty snack!

Daily CBD support can be as easy as a yummy gummy! Wild Theory’s CBD Isolate Gummies contain 25mg of remedying CBD so you can stay pain-free the delicious way. 

These CBD gummies provide a precise dosage of 25mg that you can take all at once or split up throughout the day. It’s an excellent on-the-go pain reliever, so keep this THC-free CBD on hand for the next time you’re hit with achy joints and sore muscles! 

Why you’ll love this CBD for pain relief: Feeling the consequences of a hard workout? Recovering from an injury? Treat yourself to this ache-relieving, strawberry-flavored CBD gummy!

Wild Theory Summit Full Spectrum CBD OIl with CBG Oil

Whatever your summit is, you can reach it with this potent CBD and CBG oil blend!

Wild Theory’s Summit Full Spectrum CBD Oil with CBG Oil is the CBD tincture you need for powerful relief! This potent CBD pain relief blend combines 2,000mg of CBD and 1,000mg of CBG with a robust full-spectrum formula for the strongest fight against your discomfort. 

If you’re dealing with an injury or debilitating chronic pain, full spectrum CBD is definitely the right for you. Cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and trace amounts of THC synergistically work together to provide your body with an entourage effect — where each compound enhances the effects of the others. That way, you can effectively leave your body feeling relaxed, renewed, and ready for more!

Why you’ll love this CBD for pain relief: Summit blends a potent amount of CBG with CBD and trace amounts of THC to create the strongest CBD oil against pain and discomfort!

Hello CBD for pain relief! Goodbye aches, pains, soreness, and stiffness!

Put up your strongest fight against discomfort — from everyday aches to life-altering injuries, manage your pain with CBD! Tinctures, gummies, and topicals galore, we know it can be overwhelming to search for the right CBD to help you feel like you again. 

We have good news — you can’t go wrong when you try any of our CBD products! Does CBD relieve pain? The proof is in the product! We have a diverse selection of CBD that can be as targeted or general as you need. 

Want to learn more about the best CBD to ease achy joints? How about the top CBD cream to calm skin issues? We have answers to your questions! Click the LiveChat feature to speak with one of our certified Wellness Consultants. We can help you find the perfect CBD match for you!


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