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This Momma’s Top Ten Organic Baby Products

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Buying organic is more than a fad.

Choosing to purchase and use organic products is quickly becoming a call to action by consumers. As we become aware of the toxins and chemicals being used in our hair care, makeup, skin care, baby products and clothing, we have a choice to make.

Realistically, not many people can afford to buy organic EVERYTHING. But we should be choosing to buy organic with some things in particular, and organic baby products are one of them. It’s absolutely shocking when you realize the harmful ingredients in typical baby shampoo or that conventional bassinets are sprayed with poisonous flame retardants.

Organic baby shopping has been a journey for me

I’ve spent hours (HOURS!) researching different products and searching out companies whose values align with my own. And as I’ve sacrificed in other areas to make room in our budget for better quality purchases, I’ve found great peace in a house with FEWER things and more intention behind those items I allow into my home.

With that in mind, here’s a little roundup of some of my favorite natural and organic baby products. Let my research help preserve your sanity!


1. Baby Bjorn Organic Bouncer

Baby Bjorn is a brand we all know and love. They are most known for their excellent baby carriers. The Baby Bjorn Organic Bouncer is fabulous. The fabric is soft and breathable and the bouncer has three different recline settings. Its design is sleek and baby can easily bounce himself by kicking or wiggling. It does not vibrate or make noise, which may be a negative to some, but I love its simplicity.

2. PACT Apparel Organic Children’s Clothes

PACT is an amazing company. They produce gorgeously soft organic clothing for men, women, and babies and they are also fair trade. Their baby onesies, pants, hats, and socks are seriously the sweetest thing I’ve put on my little ones’ skin. Looking for a cuddly baby? Look no further. An added bonus is that these are very affordable.

3. Summer Infant Organic Swaddlers

We love a swaddled baby at our house. These organic swaddles by Summer Infant take the hard part out of swaddling and baby stays snugly contained until they wake up hungry – all night long, if you’re lucky. The organic version is only slightly more than their regular swaddles but very worth the extra cost!

4. Baby Einstein Music Box

NOT ORGANIC. Don’t let your baby chew on this one. But, we own five of them, so I can’t make a baby list of my top recommendations without including this little guy. This music box plays six different classical pieces in simple, upbeat tones. My babies have all been mesmerized by this thing and having Fleur Di Lis stuck in my head beats out all other (often) obnoxious baby music. This has seriously been the on/off switch for my babies. (Which is why we own so many. One for upstairs, one for downstairs, one for the car…)

5. Acure Organics Baby Products

Acure Organics is a great company with a great mission. They believe that people and the planet are just as important as profit and use only the purest, most effective fair trade, natural and organic ingredients available. (Bonus points for adorable packaging.) Their baby products are gentle and pure and I can’t recommend them enough.

6. Guava Family Lotus Bassinet

This bassinet is just plain dreamy. It’s completely non-toxic and putting my baby to sleep in it makes me think of some breezy paradise with white curtains fluttering and tranquil music playing in the background. In real life, that scene certainly looks much different, and this bassinet isn’t going to magically solve all your baby sleep problems. But, it’s roomy, it gently sways, it’s perfectly organic, and when your baby outgrows it, you can turn it into a pack and play.

7. Summer Infant Portable Soother

Another great product by Summer Infant. It’s not technically organic, but this is a fabulous little gadget. It plays five different white noises at three volume options and it also has two vibration settings. We use it on our car seat and it goes a long way in ensuring car rides are tear free (for all of us).

8. Earth’s Best Natural Diapers & Wipes

These diapers are great. We also use Babyganics, Honest Company, and the 365 Whole Foods brand. I can’t say that any of them are significantly better than the other, but I CAN say that you should definitely be buying organic, natural diapers. Do some research and you’ll agree. Organic cloth diapers are the ideal choice, but only if you have the time and energy for cloth diapering (which I don’t).

9. Caa-Ocho Natural Rubber Lamb Teether 

You’ve heard of Sophie the Giraffe. This is similar only, in my opinion, a little easier to grip and chew on.

10. Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

Moms really should have an extra arm. Or three. A ring sling (or similar carrier) is the closest you’ll get to that. Sakura Bloom makes lovely, soft linen and silk ring slings. The quality is gorgeous and the colors are tasteful. They do not make organic slings, but the material they use is natural and free of chemicals. We have this one and love it.

As I look back over this list of products I’ve had strewn about my home for the past few years and have incidentally grown to love dearly, I feel confident in saying they all get a five-star rating and two thumbs up from my household. With babies, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that more is better and that’s certainly not true. Focus on buying fewer things with greater quality. Buy organic. Be natural. Not because it’s a fad, but because finding your healthy place gives your little love the best start in life.


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