Cleanse Vs Detox: How To Do a Cleanse for Your Gut

Are you wondering how to do a cleanse for your gut? Whether you’re facing some current health concerns or wanting to prevent future issues. It can be helpful to know what kind of cleanses there are out there! In this video we’re going to be exploring the difference between a cleanse versus a detox and offer some helpful tips to get you feeling your best. Coming right up! 


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Okay — first things first let’s look at the similarities and differences between a cleanse versus a detox. Because both are valuable, therapeutic practices just with different target areas. Detoxification draws toxins from the storage in the body turning them in a waste that can be eliminated from the body. Meanwhile, cleansing is intended to clean out the digestive tract — specifically clearing out toxins, parasites, fungi and impacted fecal matter. Both detoxification and cleansing share a similar goal of improving overall and long-term health. 


What about how to do a cleanse or a detox? There are many varying opinions out there. What we know is that a detox as a method of healing has been practiced for thousands of years but what’s crazy is up until recently many people in the conventional medical community didn’t believe that illness can be caused by toxic accumulation in the body! Currently the center for disease control estimates that 80% of diseases such as allergies, arthritis, heart-disease, chronic illness, and so much more — are actually linked to environmental and lifestyle causes. 


So how does this happen? Well, one of the most common causes of toxins in the body is environmental pollutants. For instance, did you know that more than a hundred thousand chemicals are used by americans and about a thousand new chemicals are introduced each year? These chemicals are found in everyday items such as foods, personal products, packaging, prescription drugs, household and lawn care products, and more. And unfortunately these toxins are stored throughout the body — in the fat, blood, bones, connective tissue, lymph fluid, and joints. All these toxins can have serious long-term health consequences. 


So now that we’re aware of the problem what do we do? Thankfully there are natural detox supplements that work very effectively to remove toxins from the body and restore health. I’m going to share some of these with you in just a moment — but before i do i want to ask are you finding value in this video? If so give it a like and look out for more health tips from our team. 


Okay, so after making sure you’re drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet, and exercising — there are a variety of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that will work as natural detox supplements. 


Here are three suggestions — 


Number 1. Bowel Support

If you want to remove toxins you cannot ignore the health of your digestive system. The first most important step is to address any constipation you may be dealing with. We have some great natural options for constipation and cleansing your gut on our website. 


Number 2. Daily Natural Detox Supplements

These cleanse and detox supplements are not meant to draw out toxins that have been stored in the body — instead their purpose is to strengthen your body’s natural systems for detox.


Number 3. Supplements for Deep Toxin Removal 

Drawing toxins out of storage is hard work for your body but very important for your health now and in the future. 


Now, what is the best cleanse to choose? The best cleanse and detox supplements that we like to use and recommend to our clients is: 


Pure Encapsulations — Liver GI Detox and 

Thorne Research — Heavy Metal Support 


That being said — keep in mind that everyone’s toxic load and bodies are different. The wellness consultants at The Healthy Place have been trained to help you determine which detox supplements are best suited to your health needs. They are more than happy to be your guide to the best cleansing and detox methods. Visit our website — to chat live with a wellness consultant. 


Okay! So want a recap for how to do a cleanse for your gut? In this day and age we really can’t completely eliminate toxin exposure — but we can take steps to reduce it and support our body’s ability to eliminate toxins on its own by cleansing the gut and taking detox supplements. 


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