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Natural Remedies for IBS

Gas, bloating, diarrhea — make it stop with our natural remedies for IBS!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is just what it sounds like, irritated bowels! If you struggle with constipation, gas, bloating, cramps, and diarrhea on a regular basis, these are the best natural remedies for IBS! That way, you don’t need to know where the bathroom is at all times.

We know how frustrating IBS can be — experiencing discomfort or an upset stomach after eating, only to feel normal again after a bowel movement. These powerful digestion supplements help put an end to those pesky symptoms.

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Tired of the quick fixes? We get it! Instead, these natural remedies for IBS flare-ups can tame your gut and protect against more in the future. That’s because they promote your whole body’s health — from your gut bacteria to abdominal muscles, our IBS supplements help you manage your GI function from all angles. 

Ready to ease your upset stomach? Check out our list of the best supplements to help you achieve relief for IBS!

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Here's What We Recommend

Flora Basilica Everyday Nourish 25 Billion

Can probiotics help IBS? No doubt about it!

IBS relief starts in your gut! Flora Basilica Everyday Nourish is a powerful probiotic that contains 25 billion bacteria in 9 different strains. It replenishes your GI tract with the good bacteria that help fight IBS-causing bacteria!

This daily probiotic isn’t like other probiotics, and that’s a good thing! It’s loaded with an impressive variety of bacteria to bring your gut back into a healthy balance. A healthy microbiome can mean reduced IBS. How? Probiotics may relieve bloating, discomfort, and the urgency to poop that often comes with IBS. What a relief! 

Why Flora Basilica Everyday Nourish is one of our best natural remedies for IBS: Probiotics help your gut maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria. Everyday Nourish takes it even further with a potent dose of 25 billion bacteria in 9 strains for utmost gut support!

Terry Naturally BosMed Intestinal Bowel Support

Tired of IBS’ unpredictability? Regulate your GI function with BosMed!

IBS comes with many unpleasant symptoms — bowel irregularity, intestinal discomfort, and inflammation in the gut are just a few. IBS is your sign that your system needs love from within! Terry Naturally BosMed Intestinal Bowel Support is the perfect supplement to ease your discomfort and enhance your digestive function.

This powerful natural remedy for IBS combines boswellia, coriander, and peppermint. Together, these potent plant extracts promote your gut’s healthy inflammation levels, relieve bloating and discomfort, and provide overall support to your GI function.

Why Terry Naturally BosMed Intestinal Bowel Support is one of our best natural remedies for IBS: BosMed encourages healthy inflammatory levels and bowel regularity so you don’t have to experience unpredictability — it’s relief for IBS in a bottle!

Lively Vitamin Co. Magnesium Ease

Ease your way into a lifestyle sans IBS!

You might be surprised to see a magnesium supplement on a list for digestive health. But, it could be exactly what you need! Lively Vitamin Co. Magnesium Ease is designed to put your muscles at, well, ease! This is perfect for painful IBS symptoms because it helps relieve muscle tension and abdominal discomfort. 

Different from other supplements for IBS, Magnesium Ease is the ideal addition to your gut-supporting daily supplements. It relieves tension that causes constipation and cramping, plus it soothes occasional anxiety that goes hand in hand with IBS!

Why Lively Vitamin Co. Magnesium Ease is one of our best natural remedies for IBS: With continued daily use, your gut will be thanking you for including Magnesium Ease in your supplement lineup! It provides the relieving touch your tense stomach muscles need.

For a healthier gut and less time spent in the bathroom, try our natural remedies for IBS!

Don’t let IBS keep you from enjoying everyday life. Instead, our supplements for IBS help regulate your bowel movements, promote good gut bacteria, and support healthy inflammation levels. That way, you can forget your mental map of all the nearby bathrooms!

Our natural remedies for IBS are perfect for managing an unruly digestive system. The best part? You can combine all three for the utmost protection against IBS’ unpleasant symptoms! And don’t forget to practice these helpful tips for your healthiest gut yet:

  • Pay attention to the foods you’re eating. If you notice more flare ups with a certain food, try cutting it out of your diet.
  • Reduce unnecessary stress.
  • Stay active! Exercises like yoga or walking can relieve symptoms and help you practice mindfulness.
  • Speak with a gastroenterologist when you experience more severe symptoms. 
  • Keep up on your daily supplements!

Looking for your perfect natural remedy for IBS? We can help! Click the LiveChat feature to start a conversation with one of our certified Wellness Consultants — they specialize in providing you with personalized recommendations and advice!