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Looking for a strong and powerful CBD? Try our full spectrum CBD oils! They contain even more nutrients than just CBD, which assist in a healthy stress response, reducing discomfort, and encouraging relaxation.* 

And we have plenty to choose from! Our products vary in strength — from minimum to maximum — so you can support your health with the ideal amount of CBD you need. Additionally, we carry CBD oils with added nutrients to further enhance your health!

Benefits of full spectrum CBD:

  • Helps relieve discomfort*
  • Reduces occasional anxiety and depression*
  • Encourages restful sleep*
  • Supports cognitive function*
  • Balances mood*
  • Relaxes muscles and joints*
  • Promotes a healthy inflammatory response*
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Full spectrum CBD is the strongest form of CBD available! From stress that hits you in the morning to your inability to fall asleep at night, CBD will be your new companion through it all. Our full spectrum CBD oils come in different strengths with various added nutrients, and target multiple concerns so you can discover the perfect tincture for you!

What does full spectrum CBD mean? Whole-plant CBD is another way of saying full spectrum CBD because it contains nutrients from the entire cannabis plant! These include cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and even vitamins and minerals. All of these beneficial nutrients combined provide you with the ‘entourage effect’ that you might be familiar with. Never heard of it? It basically means that all the nutrients become stronger together than when they’re on their own. 

And one of these compounds is THC! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very small amount of THC — less than 0.3% so you cannot experience any psychoactive reactions — but even this little bit has big impacts. While CBD can be great on its own, the THC, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in a full spectrum CBD tincture enhance its soothing and stimulating benefits!

  • Relieves symptoms of occasional anxiety*
  • Help reduce physical discomfort due to overexertion *
  • Enhances sleep duration and quality*
  • Maintains healthy mood balance*
  • Promotes digestive comfort*
  • Soothes sore muscles, joints, and bones*
  • Provides therapeutic effects to the entire body*

So, what are you waiting for? Get the most out of your CBD with a full spectrum CBD oil! Looking for a CBD oil that is THC-free? Good news, we carry those too! Check out the rest of our CBD oils to discover your perfect fit.

Curious which CBD oil is right for you? Our certified Wellness Consultants can help! Click the LiveChat button in the lower right corner of your screen to start a conversation.