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Looking for the CBD you’ll feel in no time? In just a few minutes, you can experience the soothing effects of CBD with CBD Nasal Spray! CBD spray doesn’t only act fast, it also takes much less CBD to experience the effects than most other methods. In fact, our CBD nasal sprays will provide you with just 1-2mg per spray, yet allow for extra strength benefits! And you’ll get your money’s worth — each nasal spray offers around 100 sprays per bottle.

CBD Spray is great for:

  • Quick results!
  • Helping relieve pain and inflammation*
  • Enhancing focus and mental clarity*
  • Encouraging a sense of relaxation*
  • Supporting a healthy immune system*
  • Alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety*
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From as little as 30 seconds to as long as 10 minutes, you’ll begin feeling calm, focused, and at ease with CBD Nasal Spray. It takes just moments for CBD nasal spray to enter your bloodstream and provide you with those soothing effects CBD is best known for. 

Taking CBD intranasally works much quicker than other methods because of what’s inside our noses — thin, mucosal membranes lined with many blood vessels. When you spray CBD inside, the membrane easily absorbs it right into the bloodstream, avoiding the need to digest it. This significantly increases both the available CBD to your system and the rate at which you feel its effects. That’s why it takes just 1-2mg of CBD per spray to provide you with the extra-strength benefits!

These CBD sprays contain CBD isolate so you don’t have to worry about any THC reaching your bloodstream. Available in regular strength and extra strength, you can feel at ease at the level you want. What else can CBD nasal sprays do for you?

  • Provide powerful results in little time*
  • Help maintain a balanced mood*
  • Support better focus and attention*
  • Promote a sense of calm and relaxation*
  • Help relieve stress or occasional anxiety, and depression*
  • Encourage a healthy response to inflammation*
  • Help alleviate pain and discomfort*

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your nostrils drying out. These sprays contain emollients that help maintain moisture while also helping combat stuffy and bloody noses. If you want whole-body support — fast — CBD nasal spray is your go-to!