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Tired of hearing the clock tick-tock while you sit on the toilet? Want to feel ten pounds lighter? Ready to have the energy to move freely without feeling full? Some constipation supplements offer short-term relief for bloating and discomfort, and others provide a long-term solution to chronic constipation. Our nutrition store sells both!

We carry an extensive selection of constipation supplements and digestive aids. We ensure that they are gentle yet effective, and they contribute to your overall well-being — like a stronger immune system, better energy, and a healthy heart!*

Ready to say goodbye to bowel irregularities? Browse our selection of the best supplements for regular bowel movement!*

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“Why do I struggle with constipation?” You’ve probably asked yourself that question many times! You know exactly what constipation feels like: as bloated as a balloon, as stuffed as a turkey, or as uncomfortable as laying on a bed of pinecones. And not to mention the mental stress of counting the days since your last bowel movement. 

Constipation can occur for many reasons, and the most common is a diet without enough fiber or fluids!* They work together to make your stool softer and larger, which makes it easier to stay regular. Other causes of constipation include weak core muscles, excess stress, a change in lifestyle, or prescription medications.

Taking a fiber supplement for constipation keeps you regular so you can feel like yourself again!* We supply the best supplements for constipation: fiber drinks, powders, and capsules. Fiber helps encourage healthy, regular bowel movements so you can avoid uncomfortable instances of constipation.

  • Fiber: Your experience with constipation has probably taught you one very important lesson: that you need more fiber! Searching for an all-natural alternative to typical constipation pills? We recommend psyllium husk for constipation!* 
  • Prebiotics: Speaking of fiber, prebiotics are a form of fiber that enhances the effectiveness of probiotics. We sell many prebiotics, so choose the one that works best for you!
  • Probiotics: These are the “good” bacteria that keep your gut microbiome in tip-top shape. If you struggle with bloating, gas, or digestive discomfort in addition to constipation, we highly recommend a daily probiotic!*
  • Ayurvedic: For thousands of years, Ayurvedic medicine has created supplements that naturally get your bowels moving. Since we trust their centuries of experience, our shop offers a few Ayurvedic varieties for constipation relief!
  • Digestive enzymes: Did you know that digestive enzymes support healthy digestion? They make sure your body efficiently breaks down food so that your bowel movements are completely uneventful!* We carry digestive enzymes for constipation that aid your entire GI tract, as well as options that target specific nutrients such as lactose.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is a well-known mineral that helps clean out your bowels. It also supports a restful night of sleep, calms down your body, and boosts your mood!*
  • Whole foods: Food is rich in medicinal qualities, which is why many of our constipation supplements include whole husk psyllium, apple, flaxseed, peppermint, or ginger for even more digestive relief!*

Need help determining which option is going to be best for you? Our team is ready to offer advice. Just drop us a message in our LiveChat!