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From bone health to brain function and from sleep to concentration, omega fatty acids are an essential nutrient to your child’s wellbeing! In fact, omegas never stop assisting your child’s health. From fetal development throughout adolescence (and even thru adulthood) omegas for kids provide benefits that you cannot find anywhere else. 

We all want our kids to eat a well-balanced diet, yet we all know how tricky that is to achieve. Thank goodness for supplements! That’s why we carry a wide variety of omega for kids, including capsules, chewables, liquids, and gummies. 

Benefits of omega 3 supplements for kids

  • Aid in healthy growth and development*
  • Boost cardiovascular health and function*
  • Support immunity and improve natural immune defenses*
  • Encourage sharpened cognition and protect brain health*
  • Stimulate concentration and assist in child’s ability to learn*
  • Promote restful sleep and help regulate sleep patterns*
  • Help maintain bright and healthy moods*
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From a mere newborn all the way through adolescence, omegas are vital nutrients to your child’s optimal growth and development! You can find these important ingredients in foods like fish, nuts, and seeds, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to provide your child with the perfect amount of omegas they need. This is where supplements come in. Our nutrition store carries the best omegas for kids — after all, these are the omega 3 supplements we choose for our own kids. 

Omegas 3, 6, and 9 are the most common in kid’s health — why? Because they provide the most benefits to your growing child. Check out their superpowers!

  • Omega-3 fatty acids — ALA, EPA, and DHA — are considered essential fatty acids as the body can’t produce them on its own. Omega 3 for kids substantially assists in the healthy growth and development of children’s brains from before birth through adolescence.* They promote better sleep, boost mental sharpness, and support mood regularity in kids.* Have a picky eater? Try our omega 3 gummies for kids!
  • Omega-6 keeps your child feeling active and energized throughout the day — naturally! Not only does this impressive omega promote more physical activity, but it also supports mental activity by encouraging better focus and concentration.*
  • Omega-9 is especially helpful to protect your child’s heart health! It helps strengthen healthy tissue and keeps blood vessels functioning the way they should.* Furthermore, this omega helps maintain a healthy mood balance so your kid can handle all those big feelings that come up throughout childhood.*

Our omegas are available in a few different kid-friendly forms including capsules, liquids, chewables, and gummies. And don’t worry, we carry more than just omegas from fish oil for kids. We also have omegas for kids that are derived from flax and borage oils. With plenty of options to choose from, even your pickiest eater can be satisfied!  

Omegas help your child sail through their growing years with ease, so be sure to browse our omega supplements for kids! If you want to enhance your child’s health even further, check out the rest of our kid’s health supplements for multivitamins, letter vitamins, and natural remedies. 

Have questions about which omegas are best for your child’s health? Let’s chat! Just hit the LiveChat feature in the lower right corner of your screen to start a conversation.