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Dogs, cats, and horses have a special corner here at The Healthy Place! We want your time with your beloved pets to be as long and lively as possible. That’s why we carry pet vitamins and supplements — so they can stay youthful, happy, and healthy! 

Our natural pet vitamins and supplements offer substantial support. From topical creams and balms to chewable tablets and liquid supplements, we carry products to best protect your pet through specific health concerns and for their overall wellbeing. 

Benefits of pet vitamins:

  • Enhance mobility*
  • Encourage calmness*
  • Promote a healthy appetite*
  • Help relieve pain and discomfort*
  • Preserve healthy muscles and joints*
  • Protect brain, heart, and eye health*
  • Maintain healthy skin and fur*
  • Support digestion*

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Our pets are loyal and loving — they deserve the best! Whether you have a dog, cat, or horse, we carry natural pet vitamins and supplements to ease health issues and encourage everyday wellbeing. Boost their mobility, comfort, and mood so they can live their happiest, healthiest life! 

Our pet’s health can be just as complicated as ours. Fortunately, we carry products to nourish their furry little bodies so you can worry less and play more! Our pet vitamins and supplements contain nutrients beneficial to healthy growth, development, and aging.

  • Omegas are some of the best nutrients for pets! They assist in brain, eye, and heart development and soothe skin conditions, allergies, and joint discomfort.*
  • Boswellia promotes your pal’s natural response to inflammation which helps ease muscle and joint soreness.*
  • Curcumin is another helpful nutrient for healthy inflammation levels, which also encourages a smooth digestive process.*
  • Thyme provides calming effects for hyper pets.* It helps alleviate stress due to separation, travel, grooming, and more.*
  • CBD is perfect for cats, dogs, and horses! It relieves nervousness, soothes aches and discomfort, and promotes a healthy aging process.*

Additionally, our pet vitamins and supplements include topical creams, balms, and even shampoos. For painful bumps and scratches to healthy skin and fur, we carry products to support your pet’s health from the inside out and the outside in!

Want to know more about encouraging your pet’s health with vitamins and supplements? We have answers! Click the LiveChat feature to chat with one of our certified Wellness Consultants.