Looking for a simple, effective supplement that will help you fight against aging? Well, honestly — who isn’t? There’s a good reason why collagen powder has been one of the most popular anti-aging supplements around for decades: it’s one of the best ways to keep your joints limber, your skin wrinkle-free, and your energy levels high! 

  • Helps strengthen proteins in hair and nails*
  • Encourages skin elasticity and helps protect against wrinkling*
  • Helps relieve occasional joint pain and discomfort*
  • Encourages joint mobility and flexibility*
  • Helps protect and repair joint tissue*
  • Supports a healthy and balanced gut microbiome*
  • Promotes muscle and bone strength*

Thinning hair and wrinkling skin are common signs of aging — and our decreasing levels of collagen are to blame! After all, collagen makes up a third of the protein inside our bodies. When those levels start to drop, it doesn’t take long to notice the impact.

You can help to slow signs of aging by nourishing your body with extra collagen. Whether you’re trying to encourage a healthier aging process, boost your healing and recovery, or build your muscle and joint strength, collagen powder can do it all! 

Shop our extensive collection of the best collagen protein powder options, so you can look and feel your best!

  • Organic collagen powder
  • Marine collagen powder
  • Plant-based collagen powder
  • Bone broth collagen powder
  • Fish collagen powder
  • Multi collagen powder
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As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen plays a crucial role in many important processes! Everything from your muscles and joints to your hair, skin, and nails are impacted by collagen. If you’ve been searching for a natural way to bring life back to your hair or flexibility to your muscles, our collagen protein powders can help you stay feeling (and looking!) young again. 

Collagen acts as a structural support to cells located throughout the body. Weak joints, thin hair, wrinkly skin, and even a slow healing process can all be the result of low collagen levels. Our nutrition store carries collagen protein powders in a variety of forms so you can select the one that best targets your specific health concerns. 

The amazing health benefits of collagen powder

  • Skin: Collagen is crucial for a youthful complexion! It plays a huge role in skin elasticity and vibrance. If you’re wanting to combat or prevent fine lines and wrinkles, supplementing with extra collagen is a fantastic place to start.
  • Hair: You may not know it, but collagen stimulates hair growth and regeneration! As a natural antioxidant, it helps get rid of free radicals that damage hair follicles. Even better, it strengthens hair proteins for shiner, thicker hair. 
  • Nails: Did you know that collagen is useful for fortifying nails too? Supplementing with collagen can help to reduce the frequency of broken nails and encourages nail growth.*
  • Joints: Collagen plays a major role in maintaining the cartilage between each joint. Diminish your pain and joint discomfort with the help of a collagen powder, which helps repair and support that tissue.*
  • Muscles: Did you know that collagen helps keep your muscles strong and functioning properly? With collagen powders, you can even encourage growth in muscle mass after exercise.*
  • Bones: Your bones and skeletal structure is also supported by collagen. Collagen powder helps protect against bone loss and encourages bone density.*
  • Gut: Protect against intestinal tract discomfort and stomach issues such as leaky gut syndrome with the assistance of collagen.*

If your body is ready for these rejuvenating benefits, then check out the best collagen powder supplements in our nutrition store! Additionally, if you’re looking for a powder to enhance exercise recovery or act as a meal replacement, take a look at our selection of protein powders.

Want to learn more about how to incorporate collagen into your wellness routine? Reach out to one of our certified Wellness Consultants via the LiveChat button in the lower right corner of your screen!