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From ashwagandha to green tea and from turmeric to valerian root, we have herbal supplements for all of your health concerns! Stress relief, performance enhancement, immune support, and digestive protection are only a few of the benefits you can experience from herbal supplements. 

You can find the best herbal supplements on the market right here in our nutrition store! Why? Well, our extensive selection of organic, wild-harvested, and doctor-formulated blends includes natural remedies for everything from brain fog to seasonal allergies and everything in between. There’s something for adults, kids, and even pets, so  choose your preference, whether it’s capsules, softgels, powder, or tinctures!

Herbal supplements benefits:

  • Provide soothing effects to the mind and body*
  • Encourage feelings of calmness and relaxation*
  • Promote restful and better quality sleep*
  • Help maintain a smooth digestive process*
  • Boost blood flow and cardiovascular health*
  • Offer natural support for a healthy immune function*
  • Assist the body’s natural inflammatory response*
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Herbal Supplements from the Blog

There’s an herb for everything! That means we have herbal supplements for anxiety, high stress levels, weak immunity, low libido, and more! There is little that herbs can’t help with. In fact, our selection of the best herbal supplements supply your body with numerous benefits. 

  • Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that supports your body’s natural stress response while keeping your cortisol levels in check.*
  • Boswellia is all about maintaining healthy inflammatory levels throughout the body to support your joints, digestive tract, immune system, and more.*
  • Black Cohosh helps regulate a healthy balance of hormones, especially for women experiencing menopause, fertility issues, or irregular periods.*
  • Elderberry is the perfect solution to those seasonal sniffles! It helps boost your immune system and respiratory health to help keep you from feeling under the weather.*
  • Echinacea is another powerful immune booster that helps your body to fight off infections and feel supported year round.*
  • Ginkgo Biloba is rich in antioxidants and provides strong support to keep both your brain and heart in optimal health.*
  • Green Tea is a natural energy booster that encourages better blood flow throughout the body and supports healthy brain function.*
  • Maca is great for enhancing strength as well as exercise performance. It has even been shown to encourage a higher sex drive in both men and women.*
  • Milk Thistle stimulates antioxidant capacity as well as anti-inflammatory benefits, which assists liver, skin, and brain health.*
  • Red Ginseng promotes an impressive boost in energy and supports improved mental function and clarity.*
  • Valerian is a powerful solution to sleepless nights. Grab this herb if stress and anxiety are keeping you from reaching your full eight hours per night.*
  • Potent blends! Additionally, we carry blends that combine complementary herbs to target specific concerns such as stress, sleep, germs, pain, sex drive, and more.*

Herbal supplements encapsulate the amazing benefits that Mother Nature has handed right to us! If you are searching for natural support for your health concerns, then take a look at our herbal supplements. Want even more natural health support? Check out the rest of our supplements — stay your healthiest with everything from amino acids to omegas!

Curious to know which herbal supplements are best for you? Chat with one of our certified Wellness Consultants for personalized advice. Just click the LiveChat button in the lower right corner of your screen to get started!