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Is your sleep giving you deep rest, sweet dreams, and brighter days? If not, it’s time for the best sleep aid vitamin to change that — try Lively Vitamin Co. Snooze Fest to get your best rest yet!*

  • Encourages deeper, more restful sleep*
  • Assists in maintaining regular sleep cycles*
  • Calms the mind and body for easier rest at night*
  • Promotes a healthy response to occasional stress and anxiety*
  • Blends together soothing herbs and vitamins for sleep aid*

Lively Vitamin Co. Snooze Fest

Snooze your way into better health, more energy, and a brighter outlook when you try the best sleep aid vitamin, Lively Vitamin Co. Snooze Fest! Every night feels like a party when you get your best rest. Here are some of our favorite features of this natural sleep remedy:

  • Soothes and calms anxious thoughts and tension in the body*
  • Improves the quality and duration of sleep each night*
  • Makes falling asleep each night quicker and easier*
  • Combines relaxing vitamins to help sleep and naturally relieve stress*
  • Encourages brighter, more wakeful days ahead*
  • Does not cause grogginess or day-time drowsiness*


Snooze Fest will be your new sleep companion through it all!

The top sleep vitamins work gently to take away tension, encourage deeper and more restful sleep, and ease “busy brain” often caused by occasional stress or anxiety. Unlike most vitamins for sleep aid, this unique blend works to balance your natural sleep hormones. Snooze Fest encourages a healthy reset to your sleep cycles, making it the perfect choice for those who struggle with maintaining a consistent sleep schedule or anyone traveling across time zones. 


A Blend of Dream-worthy Ingredients, Tailored for Deep Sleep

How did they do it? Lively Vitamin Co. took all the best sleep vitamins and nutrients and created a snooze-inducing blend that’s ready to quickly send you off to dreamland. Here are the soothing nutrients and sleep vitamins that make Snooze Fest the best sleep aid vitamin available:

  • L-tryptophan is a precursor to 5-HTP, which produces melatonin and serotonin — two hormones that are essential for a good mood and great sleep.*
  • Valerian root has been used in traditional medicine as far back as Ancient Rome! It naturally contains compounds that powerfully work alongside GABA to help reduce nerve sensitivity. This natural sleep remedy calms the body and quiets the mind for deep, quality sleep.*
  • Lemon balm initiates relaxation! This aromatic herb contains rosmarinic acid, a sleep-supportive nutrient that assists in calming the mind and the nervous system.*
  • Chamomile is always in the top supplements for better sleep! This soothing herb contains apigenin, an antioxidant known for helping induce sleepiness. Plus, it relaxes muscles and quiets late-night “busy brain” that often disrupts sleep.*
  • California poppy has been used for centuries to help people fall asleep. It even relieves mild aches or discomforts, and supports bladder and liver health.*
  • Melatonin — because what’s a vitamin for sleep without melatonin?! This well-known natural sleep remedy is responsible for signaling to the brain that it’s time to shut down and get some rest. Combined with other sleep-supportive nutrients, it provides even stronger benefits for your best sleep every night.*
  • GABA has gained popularity as one of the best vitamins for sleep aid as it naturally reduces the brain activity that keeps us from dozing off at night. Additionally, it eases tension in the mind and body so you can better experience relaxation at bedtime.*

Best of all, this sleep aid vitamin won’t cause you to feel groggy or bleary-eyed the next morning. Instead, you’ll find yourself waking up refreshed and ready to face whatever the day throws at you! 


FAQs about Lively Vitamin Co. Snooze Fest

Q: Will taking Snooze Fest cause dependency?

A: Nope! Snooze Fest is non-addictive and doesn’t create a dependency. It’s safe to take regularly. In fact, it can help you create more healthy sleeping patterns over time, which can reduce your need for sleep aids in the future!*

Q: What are the possible sleep aid side effects?

A: Sleep aids are generally safe to take, but side effects may include drowsiness, dizziness, headache, or grogginess the next morning. If you do experience grogginess, reduce your Snooze Fest dose at bedtime. Consult your doctor if you experience any adverse effects after taking any sleep aid, including Snooze Fest.

Q: What does GABA do?

A: GABA, or Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, is like a soothing melody for your brain! It slows down brain activity, letting you unwind and feel less stressed. Plus, it’s your mood regulator and sleep promoter, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day!

Q: How much melatonin is safe?

A: Melatonin sensitivity varies by person and age, which means that some people may need a small amount while others need larger doses. That’s normal! In Snooze Fest, you’ll find a classic 2 mg dose of melatonin, perfect and safe for adults ready to dive into dreamland! 

Q: Can you take melatonin on an empty stomach?

A: Melatonin is generally safe to take even on an empty stomach. In fact, research shows that taking melatonin on an empty stomach allows for quicker entry into the bloodstream, potentially hastening the onset of sleepiness!


Experience better rest, brighter mornings, and even better days ahead with Snooze Fest

For even more vitamins that help sleep, be sure to check out our vast selection and contact us with any questions that arise! Head to our contact page to start a conversation with one of our certified Wellness Consultants. We’re happy to offer personalized recommendations to support you in your journey for better rest.

Suggested Use: Take one serving (2 capsules) before bed. For enhanced results, take two servings before bed.*

Cautions: Keep out of the reach of children. Consult a physician before taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, or have a medical condition.

Questions? We’ve got answers! Reach out to our support team for help.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Servings per Container: Varies by sieze

Ingredients: GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), L-Tryptophan, Valerian Root Extract (Std. to 0.8% Valerenic Acid), California Poppy Extract (Whole Parts), Lemon Balm Leaf Powder, Chamomile Flower Powder, Melatonin

Other Ingredients: Methylcellulose Capsule

Lively Vitamin Co. was launched by a husband and wife team who want to impact lives by supporting health through supplementation. With two decades of experience in the health and wellness industry, they found themselves frustrated with the high prices of quality products that sometimes put them out of reach of the customers in their retail stores. It became their mission to source high quality products at an affordable price and Lively Vitamin Co. is the result of their efforts.

What will you find in their products?

  • High quality ingredients
  • Responsible eco-friendly sourcing 
  • No heat-compressed processing
  • Affordable pricing
  • Third-party testing to ensure purity and quality 
  • Manufactured in the USA in a GMP facility

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