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No more sick days! Boost your immune system with Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength! Pure, potent, and the best colloidal silver supplement on the market.*

  • Supports immune system health*
  • Combats seasonal sickness and germs*
  • Encourages balanced inflammation levels in the body*
  • Boosts energy levels and skin health*
  • Contains 99.99% pure silver
  • 200 parts per million elemental silver
  • Safe for short-term use only

Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength 

Feeling under the weather lately? Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Spray is your immune system’s friend! It’s a colloidal silver spray containing 200 parts per million of Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS), proven to boost your immune system. With this spray, you can continue to do what you love without slowing down.* 

  • Helps you avoid cold-weather sniffles and sneezes*
  • Fights off seasonal germs*
  • Increases energy*
  • Regenerates cells*
  • Improves skin health*


Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength: Safe, Convenient, and Effective! 

It’s safe! Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength is crafted with 99.99% pure silver, ensuring you receive a premium quality supplement. Its quality also minimizes the risk of side effects. Why? Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Spray is free from unnecessary additives like additional salts and preservatives. 

It’s easy to use! Just spray, swish, and swallow, and you’re good to go! Results RNA Silver spray also has a mild taste that’s easy to take. 

More absorption for you! Results RNA Silver spray brings you 90% more absorption and bioavailability of 200 parts per million of advanced cellular silver. Definitely better than capsules or pills!


Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Spray Benefits

Immune supporting colloidal silver sprays like Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength benefit your entire immune system — and therefore your whole body too!* 

  • Maintain peak immune response*
  • Boost natural killer cells*
  • Promote increased macrophage, T-cell, and natural killer cell activity*
  • Suppress production of pro-inflammatory cytokines*


High Purity, High Concentration: The 2 Results RNA ACS 200 Ingredients 

Unlike other colloidal silver formulas, ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength keeps it simple. This ACS silver spray only contains two ingredients that are safe and potent. That means no unnecessary additives like salts and preservatives! 

Advanced Cellular Silver or Elemental Silver: It’s a modern approach to the tradition of using silver for health purposes, since silver in various forms has been used for immune-boosting benefits for generations. With its advanced cellular form, silver is designed to maximize these properties. Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Spray provides a potent dose of 200 parts per million elemental silver to enhance its effectiveness. 

Ultra-pure deionized water: This type of water has been purified to remove all mineral irons. Thus, it’s treated to eliminate impurities such as salts, metals, and inorganic compounds found in regular water. 


FAQs about Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength

Q: Is colloidal silver safe to consume?

A: Consuming colloidal silver sprays used according to the manufacturer’s directions can be safe for short-term use when consumed orally. People usually use these sprays to target specific concerns such as throat irritation. 

Q: What’s the recommended dosage for Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength?

A: Take 6 sprays twice daily for health maintenance or 12 sprays twice daily for heightened support. Take twice daily to maintain optimal health. Note: Don’t eat or drink for two minutes after taking this spray. 

Q: Can colloidal silver interact with other medications?

A: Consult with a healthcare provider or a pharmacist before taking any colloidal silver spray, especially if you’re taking medications.

Q: Is colloidal silver safe for children and pregnant women?

A: The use of colloidal silver in children and pregnant or breastfeeding women is not widely recommended due to a lack of safety data. Consult a healthcare professional before using this product. 

Q: Can I take Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength if I have allergies?

A: Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Spray is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free.


Buy Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength for stronger immunity!

Want to experience fewer sick days? Buy Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Spray! With this natural solution, your body can be resilient against common colds and sniffles.* 

This is just one of many immune system formulas that can help your family stay healthy all year round! But if you have any questions, our certified Wellness Consultants are here to provide you with personalized support and supplement recommendations to suit you and your family! Get in touch!

Suggested Use: Spray, swish and swallow. You may take other Results RNA formulas immediately. Do not eat or drink for 2 minutes following. Take as recommended by physician.

  • Standard dose: Take 6 sprays by mouth, twice daily.
  • Higher dose: Take 12 sprays by mouth, twice daily.

Cautions: Keep out of the reach of children. Consult a physician before taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, or have a medical condition. 

Questions? We’ve got answers! Reach out to our support team for help.

Serving Size: 12 Sprays

Servings Per Container: Varies by size & dose

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend [Ultra-Pure Deionized Water, Advanced Cellular Silver (Elemental) 200 Parts Per Million]

Results RNA offers a variety of products to support the immune system and overall health of humans — as well as pets! Their top-selling products include Ultimate Body Detox, ACG Glutathione, and ACS 200 Silver (which, by the way, is recommended by doctors worldwide).

Through the use of patented Advanced Cellular Technology, each Results RNA formula is highly absorbable, easy to take, and extremely effective. Their immune-boosting, nutrient-replenishing, and detox-enhancing formulas provide gentle support without any added fillers or negative side effects.

At Results RNA, the ultimate mission is to help individuals live a happy, healthy life. And they see that it’s working — testimonials like this roll in day after day, year after year:

“I finally have my life back.”
“I don’t know where I’d be without you.”
“Amazing and fast results!”

As for safety? All Results RNA formulas are based on 20 years of laboratory testing and are produced under strict cGMP FDA guidelines. Their pure, quality products contain only potent health-promoting ingredients and no preservatives, alcohol, artificial coloring.

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