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Creative Tips for Seniors to Improve Their Health

Guest Post Contributed by Dr. Kira Capozzolo
Dr. Kira graduated with a degree in chiropractic medicine and co-runs Twin Waves Wellness Center with Dr. Suzanna Wong. At Twin Waves Wellness Center, they work to help rewire and repattern the nervous system, so that their patient's true, authentic selves can shine. 

From the perspective of a senior, it can be challenging to maintain and improve your health. Gravity can take its toll on the body over the years. Fortunately, seniors are getting more creative when it comes to improving health and retaining strength. Resources across the internet, like informative YouTube videos, are becoming more widely used by people of all ages. The more knowledge that is available and easily accessible, the easier it is for our society and population to progress.

Here are several creative tips that seniors can use today to improve their health and feel better each day.

1. Visit the chiropractor

Visiting the chiropractor can be extremely beneficial for your health, regardless of your age. Of course, there are people who are not fond of the intense popping or cracking that comes along with traditional chiropractic care. That’s completely understandable, especially if you’ve dealt with bad injuries in the past. Fortunately, there are several chiropractic techniques that don’t involve any cracking of bones. 

John Amaral DC practices a gentle force chiropractic technique that does not involve any cracking or popping of bones. This is a great alternative to the traditional method for seniors that are worried about the physical force of manual adjustments. Gentle force chiropractic care helps people release tension stored in the muscles and joints. These gentle adjustments provide pain relief to existing injuries. If you’re struggling with lower back pain, this type of chiropractic care will help loosen up the muscles around areas of tension. Chiropractic care also helps prevent future injuries.

2. Go on group walks

Spending time outdoors being active does wonders for anyone at any age. If you can do these types of activities in a group, that’s even better. Going on group walks is a great way to help seniors improve their health. Walking allows your muscles to loosen up and keep your joints strong. The more that you walk, the better your balance becomes. If your day is busy, try adding this to your morning practices and routines. Your legs will continue to retain their strength by going on consistent walks. Blood flow through the body also improves through a regular walking schedule. Not only does going on a walk provide exercise to your body, but it also gives your mind a break from the day. You can spend time relaxing with your friends on a leisure walk while enjoying nature.

3. Play a sport

Not all sports are high intensity. As a senior, find a sport that is the right fit for you. For example, many seniors that used to play tennis also enjoy pickleball, which typically involves less running. You can play a sport with friends or try meeting new people by joining a sports league. Both offer a physical exercise aspect to it along with a social one. Certain sports require a large amount of strategizing and thinking. These components add a competitive layer to the sport, which can make it even more enjoyable as you get closer to the finish line. Playing sports is a great way for seniors to stay in shape and improve their health.

Rynn Jacobson is Content Marketing Director. She's passionate about educating people on natural and alternative health and wellness options. Her favorite ways to stay healthy are drinking herbal tea and hiking in the mountains.

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