Tired of feeling stressed, tense, and fatigued? Try our ultra absorbable magnesium supplements! They powerfully support healthy muscles, nerves, bones, lungs, brains, and so much more!

The best magnesium supplement is one that your body can actually absorb. That’s why we stock our virtual shelves with the most bioavailable, chelated forms of magnesium — so you get the most out of your supplement!

  • Stress: When life is tense, magnesium helps your body better respond to stress — and to bounce back faster too!*
  • Digestion: This mineral works wonders for your digestive system. It calms digestive discomfort, relieves acid reflux and GERD, and stimulates regular bowel movements.*
  • Brain: Magnesium supports healthy nerves and brain cells, brightens your mood, and may even ease occasional headaches or migraines.*
  • Bones: Magnesium helps your body absorb calcium, which boosts bone density and strengthens tooth enamel.* 
  • Muscles: No matter the reason for your aching muscles, magnesium helps alleviate muscle tension, soothe cramps, and lessen symptoms of restless legs.*
  • Heart: Magnesium plays an important role in a healthy heart rate, blood pressure, and overall cardiovascular health.*
  • Sleep: Calm your mind and body before bed with the natural aid of magnesium.*

Did you know that the best magnesium supplements come in many different forms? They all provide amazing health benefits so pick which one is best for you! If traditional capsules and tablets are not your thing, try a liquid magnesium supplement and magnesium powder supplement instead.

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What’s so special about magnesium? So many things! It’s one of the most common minerals in our bodies, one of the most recommended supplements by healthcare providers, and one of the easiest supplements for our bodies to absorb — if it’s in the right form.

Forms of magnesium

Like most vitamins and minerals, magnesium comes in a variety of forms, but they’re not all created equal. The best magnesium supplement is bioavailable and easily absorbed, which usually means it is chelated or bound to an amino acid. Here are the types of magnesium that we like to see on our supplement labels:

  • Magnesium chelate supplement: If you’re deficient in magnesium, restore your levels with a magnesium chelate supplement! It contains a highly absorbable form of magnesium that is primarily found in fruits and vegetables.*
  • Magnesium glycinate supplements: Need more magnesium but don’t need help with regular bowel movements? Magnesium glycinate is one of the best magnesium supplements to bump up your levels without laxative effects.*
  • Magnesium oxide supplement: Constipation and heartburn got you down? Magnesium oxide can help with many of your digestive discomforts!* 
  • Magnesium citrate supplement: This is the best magnesium supplement for relieving constipation!* It also eases gas, boosts your mood, calms tense muscles, and supports healthy nerves.*
  • Magnesium sulfate supplement: Relieve your tension and stress with magnesium sulfate, which eases sore muscles and induces relaxation.*
  • Magnesium Threonate: This form of magnesium enhances brain health, cognition, and memory.* 
  • Calcium magnesium supplement: Calcium supports bones, soft tissues, and muscles, while magnesium plays a key supporting role in skeletal health.*

Benefits of magnesium

Because our bodies can’t produce magnesium, we must consume it through our diet or supplements. Give your body the support it needs with one of our best magnesium supplements!* Your mind and body will appreciate the nourishment.

  • Eases digestive discomforts like constipation and reflux*
  • Stimulates regular bowel movements*
  • Reduces stress and tension throughout the body*
  • Promotes ideal heart, lung, and nerve health*
  • Strengthens bones and teeth*
  • May alleviate symptoms of occasional headaches and migraines*
  • Lessons muscle cramps, tension, and symptoms of restless legs*
  • Encourages healthy metabolic function and immune health*
  • May help with symptoms of PMS*
  • Boosts mood and mental disposition*
  • Supports a healthy heartbeat*
  • Relaxes the brain and body to foster a better night of sleep*
  • Promotes a healthy physiological response to stress*
  • Enhances brain plasticity, memory, and learning*
  • May help the body metabolize insulin*

We can help you find the best magnesium supplements to further your health goals. Click on our LiveChat and one of our wellness consultants would be glad to help you!