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Maintain a strong skeletal system and preserve your bright white smile the easy way — with one of our strengthening bone health supplements!*

No one has time for weakening bones. You’ve got too much to do and too many adventures to have! Our supplements are crafted with a blend of beneficial nutrients that increase teeth and bone strength.* 

  • Calcium: This is the best supplement for bone health because calcium keeps your bones strong and helps prevent osteoporosis.*
  • Magnesium: Magnesium ensures that your body is absorbing calcium efficiently, encourages brain health, and promotes a restful night of sleep.*
  • Vitamin D: Did you know that your bones are constantly rebuilding themselves? Vitamin D makes sure they rebuild with an adequate amount of calcium.*

There’s more good news: nearly every single one of our bone health supplements is chelated for maximum, easy, efficient absorption, and provides health benefits for your whole body. Ready to keep your bones strong and healthy? Start shopping below to find the best bone health supplements for you, so you never need to slow down!

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Give your bones the extra support they need with calcium, plus a variety of other supplements which support your skeletal system!* Whether you’re looking to strengthen your bones, prevent bone loss due to aging, or support healthy joints, our nutrition store has some of the best supplements for bones and joints!


When it comes to bone health supplements, calcium is the star of the show because it’s known as the building block for bones. Calcium provides essential support for your bone mass and protects against age-related issues like osteoporosis. Anyone wishing to improve their skeletal system should take a calcium supplement for bones and joints!* 


If calcium is the lead, magnesium takes second place. This soothing mineral makes sure that calcium is directly transported to your skeletal system and that your body absorbs calcium properly. In fact, without enough magnesium, your body will have a very difficult time maintaining enough calcium levels in your bones.*

Vitamin D

The next important vitamin for bone health is vitamin D. Why pick vitamin D for bones? It regulates the amount of calcium in your body.* And since your bones are constantly rebuilding themselves, this should be your vitamin of choice for strong bones and joints!*


Boron enhances your absorption of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D.* It even supports joint mobility and helps protect your skeletal system from bone loss due to aging.*


Silica boosts the production of beneficial bone cells, and supports the function of everything attached to your bones, like tendons, connective tissues, and cartilage. This nutrient also gives your hair and nails extra shine and luster.


Strontium is a trace mineral that supports healthy bone growth, increases bone mass, and strengthens your bones. In fact, 99% of the strontium within your body is found in your bones. Give your teeth and bones some extra love with strontium!

Comfrey Cream

If you have a broken or fractured bone, you’re going to want to reach for this cream! It’s nutrients and soothing properties support your body as it heals following an injury.*

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