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Whether you’ve been using essential oils for years or are just getting started, we sell the best essential oils that are safe for kids. When practicing aromatherapy, it’s vital that you choose essential oils and oil blends that are safe for use around children (pets too!). Unfortunately, that means there is a LOT of information for you to sift through — so we did it for you! 

Our line of kid safe essential oils make it a breeze for moms and dads to find the aromatherapy options that are best suited for their little ones — and completely safe too! We offer individual essential oils for kids, but our favorites to recommend are the unique essential oil blends. These blends are carefully formulated to specifically target the most common issues little kids struggle with — tummy troubles, difficulty sleep, immunity, worries, focus and concentration, and so much more! 

  • Essential oils for toddlers: From tantrums and mood swings to boo-boos and not wanting to sleep at naptime, our kid safe essential oils are an excellent natural remedy for all of your toddler’s woes! 
  • Essential oils for kids sleep: Ease your child’s mind and body before bedtime with soothing aromatherapy for kids.
  • Essential oils for children: Our nutrition store sells kid safe essential oils for children as young as two years old! Most oils are best diffused, which means your whole family can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy!
  • Unique blends: Our kid safe essential oils target the specific issues and ailments most common among children. Our unique essential oil blends for kids can just about do it all — banish sniffles, boost immunity, calm bug bites, soothe upset tummies, quiet tantrums, ease anxiety, and so much more!
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Your child’s health is one of your biggest priorities, and we’re here to support you! Our nutrition store sells restorative kids health supplements, including kid safe essential oils. 

Didn’t know that not all essential oils are safe for kids? You’re not alone! Many new aromatherapy enthusiasts aren’t aware that not all essential oils are safe for use around kids. But before you panic, don’t worry — we’ve put together all the essential oils and essential oil blends safe for kids in one spot so you can know you’re shopping safely! We sell essential oil blends that are specially crafted for kids’ health and safety, plus kid-specific topics like growing pains, sleep, mood, and digestion.


Does your little one struggle to drift asleep or battle bad dreams? A mildly sedating kid safe essential oil can ease their mind, calm their body, and promote a positive outlook — all while encouraging sleepy eyes and a good night of rest!

  • Essential oils to calm the mind: blue tansy, cedarwood, clary sage, juniper, roman chamomile, sweet marjoram, and sweet orange
  • Essential oils to calm the body: clary sage, lavender, roman chamomile, and sweet marjoram
  • Essential oils to encourage sleep: lavender, orange, and sweet marjoram


Don’t let the cold-weather germs or seasonal sniffles get your child under the weather! Our kid-friendly essential oil blends use natural ingredients to boost the immune system before the temperatures drop. And they’ll even help little bodies conquer germs when your kiddos don’t feel their best.* 

And when you diffuse immune-boosting essential oils, the whole family benefits! Aromatherapy strengthens immunity for the ones who don’t feel well and it supports a healthy immune response from healthy family members too.* 

  • Essential oils to strengthen immune system: frankincense, hemlock spruce, and lavender
  • Essential oils to fight off illness: copaiba oleoresin, dill weed, hemlock spruce, lavender, lemon, palmarosa, sweet marjoram, and rosalina
  • Essential oil to clean/deodorize air: frankincense, lavender, lemon, and petitgrain


We all have off days, including our kids. However, if your child has revved-up anger, turbulent emotions, frazzled nerves, or frequent bad moods, aromatherapy for kids can help you turn that frown upside down!* Diffusing botanical essential oils can establish a tranquil environment, encourage contentment, and even reduce byproducts of a bad mood such as headaches, nausea, and poor focus.*

  • Essential oils for calm: frankincense, lavender, mandarin, patchouli, roman chamomile, and vetiver
  • Essential oils for a brighter mood: bergamot, clary sage, lemon, palmarosa, and tangerine 

Respiratory and Seasonal Allergies

Mom and Dad, are you tired of wiping runny noses and reminding your child to cover their mouth when they cough? Sniffles, sneezes, coughing, and watery eyes are rampant during allergy season, but a daily diffusing of kid safe essential oils can help your child breathe more easily all year long!*

  • Essential oils for sinus congestion: fir needle, and rosalina
  • Essential oils for easy breathing: lavender and rosalina
  • Essential oils for cough: lavender
  • Essential oils for inflammation due to seasonal allergies: blue tansy, and geranium

Bug Bites and Itchy skin

Shoo mosquito, don’t bite me! If you’ve been looking for a natural insect repellent or a way to soothe bug bites and skin inflammation, our kid safe essential oils can help!*

  • Essential oils to repel bugs (mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, fleas, etc.): citronella, geranium, patchouli, pink grapefruit, and rosalina
  • Essential oils to soothe bug bites or skin irritations: copaiba, lavender, palmarosa, patchouli, rose, spearmint, and turmeric


Nausea, indigestion, constipation, bloating, and digestive troubles don’t have to play a role in your kid’s childhood! Our blends of essential oils for kid’s digestion can be applied topically or inhaled for maximum benefits — which means they can get back to being a kid again.

  • Essential oils for digestion: ginger, petitgrain, spearmint, and roman chamomile
  • Essential oils for nausea or carsickness: dill weed and spearmint

We have all kids in mind, and kids struggle with a variety of issues! Browse our Kids Health products for kid safe essential oils that help with growing pains, lice, scrapes and bruises, earaches, warts, bad dreams, and more! 

Need help finding a particular blend? Connect with us in our LiveChat and we’ll help you find exactly what your child needs!