Our mission as a company is to impact, empower, and educate every customer to learn, grow, and create a lifelong foundation of health and wellness. We strive to inspire our customers to make healthy changes that will impact every area of their lives and we believe that health is worth fighting for.

The Healthy Place – Apple Wellness was founded by Tim and Becki O’Brien in 2010. It began as one, small vitamin and supplement store with only the two of them and their newly born daughter. Their goal was to become the best vitamin and supplement store in the Wisconsin area. They wanted to provide customers with the highest quality products, but also with the education needed for customers to stride forward confidently on their journey to find wellness. 

Those founding principles continue to be what drives our company forward — top quality products and customer empowerment. 

Our first location, with its humble beginnings, was opened in June 2010 in Fitchburg, WI. Six years later, in January 2016, we opened our second location in Sun Prairie, WI. We now have two additional supplement store locations in Middleton, WI, and the west side of Madison, WI that opened in 2019.

We believe the source of our growth comes from the knowledge and care we instill in our team. Every new team member is required to complete various certifications and three months of training before going solo in their role of working with customers in our stores. Every brand we place onto our shelves, whether in our stores or online, is screened for quality. Every month we make sure we’re giving back into our local community some of the same love and support our customers show us.


Tim O'Brien


Tim has extensive experience in the health and wellness industry. He began his career in 2003 at GNC franchises, then became District Manager in 2005. In 2008, he became the manager of Elite Nutrition. During those years, he built a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. His passion and success gave him the vision to open his own business. 

Tim believes in educating and empowering individuals to make lifelong, healthy choices and changes. His desire is to help each person reach their health potential. His energy is contagious, and he’s excited about helping YOU.

FAVORITES: Spending time with his beautiful family, church activities, traveling, and extreme sports.

INSIGHTFUL FACTS: Tim knows how to juggle and ride the unicycle.

Becki O'Brien

Owner & Creative Director

When I fell in love with a handsome man named Tim O’Brien, I had no idea of the adventure that was awaiting me. He swept me away with his passion for health and his entrepreneurial spirit. I found myself surrounded in vitamins and opening Apple Wellness with him by my side in 2010.

My background is in marketing with a degree in graphic design and photography. I am currently enrolled at the School of Wellness and working on my Functional Herbal Therapeutic Practitioner degree.

I love being a driving force behind a business that can make a lifelong difference for so many.

FAVORITES: Homeschooling our three children, Chipotle, Hawaii, the color pink, and good design

INSIGHTFUL FACTS: Tim and I have traveled to 10 countries since we got married 10 years go!

Erin Sargent

Inventory Manager

My interest in natural and herbal healing started back in high school as I had been dealing with headaches and chronic migraines for nearly 6 years. My childhood physician is actually the one who got me started on my first herbal supplement stack to try to find some sort of relief. Two months later with the help of a chiropractor, I was back better than ever! Long story short, I fell in love with the natural healing world at a young age and am beyond excited I found a place as great at The Healthy Place where I am able to share that passion to better other people’s lives!

I graduated from UW-Madison with a Bachelor’s degree in Retailing and Consumer Behavior and a certificate in Entrepreneurship, which I am eager to integrate with my love for natural health and wellness.

Lindsey Bouras

Operations Manager

I graduated from UW-Madison with a major in Life Sciences Communication. I’ve always had a passion for science, nutrition and helping people understand the valuable impact of a well rounded diet. I wanted to be able to spread the knowledge about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and Apple Wellness allows me to do just that!

I worked in a high paced retail environment prior and am grateful that I was able to transfer both my retail skills and passion for nutrition into one fulfilling position.

FAVORITES: I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, traveling to new destinations, and listening to vinyl.

Jordan Klaver

Store Manager

From the start, I’ve prioritized hard work and dedication in all aspects of health. With a background in Biomechanics, human performance and strength training; my passions have always driven me to help guide folks into their best self.   

I love impacting and empowering people to build, heal and strengthen the body for the long term. 

Through success with my own struggles, I’ve learned there’s always a place for healing the body through supplementation. You’ll hear me say, “Heal from the inside out, naturally!”  

FAVORITES: Deep connection with skiing and out west. All things outdoors are up my alley! If you want to start a conversation with me: bring up travel, subarus or your ski collection.  

INSIGHTFUL FACTS: “Date your skis; marry your boots.”

Kaitlyn Ganz

Store Manager

My interest in health started in the kitchen with exploring different cooking styles and healthy recipes. It opened up a whole world of wellness for me and began to extend into other areas of health. I love learning, so I took that passion and completed a health coaching certification.

I was immediately drawn to The Healthy Place from the first moment I stepped foot into the Fitchburg store.  With my work experience in various leadership roles along with my health coaching certification, and interest in helping others,  I knew I wanted to work for The Healthy Place.

It is so rewarding to help people every day through different supplement recommendations and see the progress with some of our long term clients!

FAVORITES: Cooking, spending time with my family, gardening/plants , ANYTHING nature related

INSIGHTFUL FACTS: I can leg press 375 pounds!

Ryan Cook

Assistant Manager
I have been coming to The Healthy Place practically since it opened. I used to come in with my family and get protein powder as I was just starting to get into weightlifting around that time. As a college student, I worked part time during the summers here. While studying psychology & health and fitness promotion at Luther College, I realized that I had a good amount of knowledge about supporting health naturally. I always admired Tim’s passion for helping others, and I felt with my skill set I could positively impact others as well! I am particularly passionate about helping my clients sleep better and get relief from joint pain. Those two areas have huge impacts on daily life and we have powerful formulas to help in both areas!

FAVORITES: I love going to see movies on the big screen at the theater. I even make an effort when I travel to check out different theaters (AMC in Times Square is incredible) Indian & Korean BBQ are my favorites when hungry!

INSIGHTFUL FACTS: I am semi-ambidextrous. I write and throw right handed, yet brush my teeth and use spoons left handed. I can wiggle my ears and have never had a cavity.


Our Customers Are Our Biggest Fans!

“Every time I enter Apple Wellness, I receive a friendly welcome and great customer service!” – Rochelle

“The owners and staff are always nice and helpful. We are lucky to have this place right here in Sun Prairie. They have some unique products as well as many brands carried by other healthy and supplement suppliers. The prices are right on as well. They even have a cute play area in back for my daughter to enjoy while I grab my things. She thinks we go there for her, not to shop lol!” – Kay

“Tim and the staff at The Healthy Place were amazing. They are very knowledgeable and helped answer all the questions I had. Would highly recommend to others!” – Josh