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Looking for a convenient form of CBD that you can rely on to stay consistent? You’ll want to try CBD Softgels and Capsules! From 5mg to 50mg and everything in between, our CBD softgels are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD so you can experience better sleep, less stress, and relief from occasional pain. 

CBD softgels and capsules are packaged in precise amounts so you know exactly how much CBD oil you’re getting in each dose! This form is both a simple addition to your daily supplements and great for when you’re on the go. 

Additionally, softgels help you avoid a common issue with ingesting CBD — the earthy taste! Instead, you can just take your tasteless and odorless capsules and softgels with ease and experience CBD’s effects within the hour. 

No mess, exact dosage, and whole-body support — the benefits of taking CBD softgels and capsules!

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CBD Softgels & Capsules from the Blog

How do you enjoy your CBD? As a tincture? A yummy gummy? Or maybe as a convenient capsule? If you’re not sure — perfect! Experiment with our wide selection of different CBD forms so you can discover how you enjoy it the best. 

CBD softgels are a favorite of many. These tasteless, odorless, and mess-free capsules and softgels let you experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD like you would any other supplement — just add it to your daily line-up of supplements or keep it on you for on-the-go support with ease! 

Your body has to break down the capsule or softgel before getting to the oil inside, so this form of CBD takes longer to show benefits after taking it, but they tend to be more sustained as the CBD is gradually absorbed. Don’t worry, this does not change how CBD affects you. In fact, CBD capsules and softgels provide the exact same benefits as CBD oils! 

Additionally, this form provides a precise amount of CBD oil per capsule or softgel. If you’re new to CBD or you’re discovering how it works for you, this form makes it simple to adjust your dosage. 

How can CBD capsules and softgels help?

  • Ease your stress and anxiety*
  • Promote more restful sleep and regulated sleep-wake cycle*
  • Help alleviate bouts of occasional pain*
  • Encourage healthy inflammatory levels*
  • Help sharpen mental function*
  • Aid in circulatory health*
  • Support the body’s homeostasis*