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Your kids are constantly surrounded by germs — reinforce their immune systems with immune-boosting supplements! These products offer the powerful support that your child’s body needs to fend off illness. 

It’s no secret that kids could use a little extra protection when seasonal bugs roll around. Our gummies, powders, syrups, and essential oils provide outstanding immune support for kids so you can fortify their immunity in a variety of ways! And, best of all, in tasty ways that they won’t mind taking when seasonal bugs come your way!

What are the benefits of immune system boosters for kids?

  • Strengthen the immune system to help protect against illness*
  • Help shorten the duration and reduce the severity of occasional sickness*
  • Encourage year-round protection from seasonal bugs and germs*
  • Relieve uncomfortable symptoms of being sick*
  • Provide essential nutrients that children may be missing*
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There always seems to be some new seasonal bug to be worried about — they are constantly circulating during the cold-weather months! Ensure your kids are protected with extra help from our supplements. These supplements provide excellent immune support for kids of all ages!.

With growing bodies and developing immune defenses, it’s almost inevitable that kids will catch some seasonal sniffles and coughs. From playtime to snacktime, their curiosity causes them to touch and explore everything. This is where immune-boosting supplements come in handy! They offer year-round support and protection for their vulnerable immune systems are the perfect additions to their little lifestyles. 

Our immune system boosters for toddlers and kids consist of chewable tablets, easy-to-swallow capsules, syrups, powders, gummies, and even essential oils — and these products are packed with powerful nutrients for a strong immune system! 

Nutrients in immune system boosters for kids:

  • Elderberry is the best (and tastiest) choice when it comes to immune support! This mighty nutrient offers all the benefits you could ask for when germs come around. It soothes symptoms like runny noses and coughs, helps shorten the duration of the illness, and strengthens year-round immunity. Not to mention, your kids will love the berry taste!*
  • Echinacea is rich in antioxidants and remarkable immunity benefits. It supports the body’s natural inflammatory response while also encouraging a quick recovery from illness and stronger immunity against sicknesses to come!*
  • Vitamin C helps build your child’s most powerful immune defense! Not only is this important nutrient loaded with antioxidants, but it also boosts the body’s production of white blood cells to improve immune defenses.*
  • Vitamin D helps you feel like it’s sunny year round! This vitamin encourages healthy immune system function and helps reduce your kid’s likelihood of catching the next seasonal bug.* It also encourages a good mood! 
  • Zinc provides dynamic support to a child’s immunity. Not only does it encourage immune cell function, but it also helps prevent oxidative damage to the immune system.*

Support your child’s immune health all year round with encouragement from our kid’s immune support supplements! Looking for a tasty kid’s multivitamin, probiotic, or sleep supplement? Check out the rest of our kid’s health products. 

Wondering which supplement is best for your children? Chat with us! Our certified Wellness Consultants are experts at immune support for kids. Just hit the LiveChat button in the lower right corner of your screen to get started.