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All parents know that kids can be a little crazy and wild — and that’s an understatement! Sometimes, they need extra support as they learn how to balance their moods. Yet helping kids with anxiety can be a difficult task. How do you ease worries and stress? What methods calm anxiety and agitation? While our mood supplements for kids can’t remove all sources of stress in your little ones’ lives, we can help make it easier. Our goal? Help your children forget their worries and focus on the fun again!

Benefits of mood supplements for kids:

  • Encourage a balanced mood*
  • Soothe feelings of agitation and frustration*
  • Help reduce symptoms of occasional anxiety and depression*
  • Ease fears and worries kids might be feeling*
  • Calm physical tension due to stress*
  • Promote better focus and concentration*
  • Support longer and more restful sleep*

When your child is struggling with anxiety, nervousness, or tension, they can express their emotions in a variety of ways — anger, tantrums, and crying are just a few. Help your child feel supported through those big feelings with extra encouragement and support from our anxiety supplements for kids!

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We all know that kids’ moods can go up and down more than a roller coaster. As they grow, their hormones are developing and they’re going through things they haven’t experienced before! Our calming supplements for kids help to relieve the tension and anxiety so they can continue to feel like their young, carefree selves.

We carry a vast selection of supplements that provide natural anxiety relief for kids, consisting of essential oils, chewable gummies, liquids, and capsules that are all formulated to help your child feel calm and balanced. 

Anxiety and mood supplements for kids:

  • Magnesium is a common deficiency among children that can be linked to childhood anxiety. Magnesium supplements encourage healthier levels in the body, which help to ease tense muscles and promote a sense of calmness.*
  • CBD helps to soothe and relax an anxious child’s mind while also boosting sleep duration and quality.*
  • DHA is vital for healthy brain growth and development, so it’s no wonder that it can also effect symptoms of anxiety and depression in kids. DHA even encourages better focus and concentration in busy, scattered minds.*
  • Rhodiola is an adaptogen, so it helps your child adapt to the stress they experience day-to-day! Additionally, it supports a calm and relaxed mind.*
  • L-Taurine encourages healthy brain development and provides a soothing effect on excessive brain activity, allowing children to feel calm and sleepy.*
  • Chamomile is included in our essential oils for anxiety relief because it eases tension and nervousness in kids.*
  • Passionflower is another powerful aroma that can enhance your child’s response to anxiety while also improving their focus.*

We were all kids at one point — so we understand that childhood is not always easy. Calm the tension and anxiety your child is feeling with our mood supplements for kids! Looking for additional support for your child’s health, like delicious multivitamins or bonus letter vitamins? Take a look at the rest of our kid’s health supplements.

Curious to know more about childhood anxiety and how supplements can help? Check in with our Wellness Consultants by clicking the LiveChat feature on your screen. We’re happy to help you find the best options so your child can be happy and healthy!