When you think of strong bones and healthy teeth, you probably think of calcium! That’s because this essential nutrient is one of the greatest contributors to healthy bones and teeth.

But absorbability is key! Did you know that calcium can be extremely difficult for your body to absorb? The best calcium supplement is one that your body can actually utilize. If you need an extra dose of it beyond those leafy green veggies, try strengthening your health with one of our ultra absorbable calcium supplements.

  • Boosts bone health, especially for those at risk of bone loss*
  • Bioavailable for maximum absorption*
  • Beneficial for your heart, nerves, hormones, muscles circulation, and more*
  • Blended with nutrients like vitamin D and magnesium to enhance absorption*
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Did you know that calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body? That 99% of your body’s calcium is stored in your bones and teeth? That your bones are rebuilt every decade with the aid of this super nutrient?! Calcium is not only fascinating, but it’s also one of the most essential vitamins and minerals for whole-body health!

Calcium is naturally found in milk, cheese, and leafy green vegetables. And even though it’s the most abundant mineral in our body, we can’t produce calcium on our own. When we don’t have enough of this critical nutrient (hypocalcemia), our bones become brittle and weak and our body has a difficult time functioning at maximum capacity. And let’s not forget — because it’s essential for nearly every system in the body, there’s a lot more at stake here beyond our bones.

Calcium, Vitamin D, and Magnesium

So, here’s the problem with a lot of calcium supplements. They can be incredibly difficult for your body to digest! That’s why our nutrition store chooses to stock our virtual shelves with calcium supplements that are gentle on your stomach, ultra absorbable, and super effective! 

There are different types of calcium supplements, but the winning combination is calcium blended with vitamin D and magnesium. Vitamin D helps facilitate the absorption of calcium, and magnesium delivers that calcium to your tissues faster and more effectively. Always choose a calcium supplement like this, because you’ll get far more benefits for your money, every time. 

Benefits of calcium supplements

You already know that calcium is the building block of your bones and teeth. But it doesn’t stop there! Our body requires calcium for heart, nerve, and muscle health too. 

  • Minerals. Calcium controls the levels of magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium in the blood.*
  • Muscles. Calcium helps your muscles move and contract swiftly and efficiently.*
  • Clotting. Calcium is a key component to healthy blood clotting.*
  • Hormones. Calcium is part of the process of releasing hormones.*
  • Nerves. Calcium triggers optimal nerve transmissions.*
  • Appetite. Calcium helps you feel more satisfied after you eat, which may help control your appetite or contribute to weight loss.*
  • pH. Calcium plays a crucial role in balancing your body’s pH levels.*

Still feeling unsure about what you’re looking for when it comes to calcium supplements? Ask our Wellness Consultants by clicking the LiveChat feature on your screen! We’re happy to help you find the best option so you can feel your best!